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    I have no idea what im doing


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    Intel i7 4790K @4.5ghz
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    Dominator Platinum 16GB (2x8 kit)
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    Geforce GTX 980
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    Corsair 900D
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    1) BenQ XL24020Z 2) BenQ GL2450
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    Corsair H100
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    Steel-series 6Gv2
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    Steelseries Rival
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    Steelseries 9H wired
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Well, the only hardware that i upgraded within all this was my GPU what is now a G1 GIGABYTE 1070 so that took a crunch out of my pocket but overall including that gpu probably about a 1,000 pounds if not more due to the double pump, double radiator and double res set-up, the desk it self cost 20 pounds from BnQ (Hardware store in the uk) what was just a simple sheet of MDF Sick dude, it took a lot of time and frustration (especially filling the bastard) but i'm super happy with it and couldn't imagine a better build that would suit me like this one does
  2. So, I've taken pictures as the journeys went along... not pictures of everything but pictures that show it was made out of a $20 piece of MDF. Inspiration is taken from Linus's DIY desk before anyone comments 'OMG U COPYYYYYY' http://imgur.com/a/4zXQy Thanks for viewing.
  3. If the speaker is the only problem you're getting then it shouldn't be that hard to find out whats wrong. If you've got any old speakers about, try those... if they work it may be your new/current speakers, if the old speakers don't work it may be an issue with the motherboard or even just the sound port attached to the motherboard. It's best if you just try do a elimination technique like this one above, this way when it comes to contacting the company you purchased the PC from you can tell them you've tried pretty much every strategy. No worries bud, hope it gets sorted
  4. You said when you power up your computer, fans etc start running and then shut down for a few seconds and turns itself back on? If that's correct then that's normal but that should only happen when the powersupply has either been switched off manually at the back or the power plug has been unplugged and plugged back in. If you're sceptical about it my friend, take it back and explain it to them.. don't go tinkering with the hardware, even if you are experienced in computer systems, if a piece of hardware is dead and you've taken the computer apart to find that out, you most likely wont be covered by the warranty anymore.
  5. I've saw how bad that ended up... I've just gotta tackle the task of trying to find a suitable way to fill the system, since the reservoir's are going to be lying down, i'll have to pick them up at an angle and fill but since it's going to be done with PETG tubing i may need to find another way.
  6. Custom desk build, two pumps and two separate loops. Took a lot of inspiration from linus's but going to make it cleaner and use PETG tubing instead of soft.
  7. I knew there would be something, cheers lads.. saved me alot of hassle... and money
  8. So, i'm making a build at the moment that is using PETG tubing and i've came across a problem, since i can't find any PETG manufacturers that sell tubing long enough for this situation (2 meters +) I've had to resort to using fittings at certain points, one point in particular is the run from my radiator to my GPU. Here's a diagram of my idea, it seems like i should be able to find the fitting that i need easily but i just cant. 0 = fitting - = PETG tube. RAD -----------------0----------------- GPU Hopefully that's understandable, if not i'll just explain it here... I'm going to try and put somewhat of a break in-between the tube, this allows me to use another tube of PETG at the longest possible distance i can get it to finish of the run, i can't find any type of fitting that will allow me to do this though, if this fitting doesn't exist or is too hard to get my hands on i guess i'll have to resort to 90 degree fittings what isn't a problem but it's not what i'm looking to do. Thanks in advance.
  9. Can you post an image of the second chamber of the case? where your PSU is please.. i'd like to see where you placed the pump and res
  10. Haha, unlucky dude What? im not sure if you're asking why i have 16GB of RAM or why i brought Dominator Platinum?.. Dominator Platinums are the sexiest ram sticks in my opinion, so i brought them... it's for the eyecandy and it seems to have worked on you
  11. You mean a 760. When i purchased my 760 it was heaven come true, i hardly had enough for that after some financial issues.. if i had enough to buy a 780 back then i would of in a heartbeat, but now i will not waste money for a miniature graphical improvement, maybe when the 800 series surfaces i will.
  12. Post has been updated, i decided to take the side panel of to remove and reflection on the picture.
  13. Specs: Case - Air 540 CPU - i7 4790k Devil's Canyon clocked at 4.5GHz (1.2V) HeatSink - Corsair Hydro H100 (Currently has 2 120ml fans) MotherBoard - ASUS MAXIMUS VII RANGER GPU - Gainward GTX 760 RAM - Dominator Platinum 16GB (2x8GB) PSU - Cronus 850W 80+ Bronze Modular SSD - 240GB Kingston HDD - Samsung 1TB Peripherals Monitor(s) #1 BenQ GL2450 24" / #2 BenQ G2420HDB 24" Keyboard - Steelseries APEX Headset - Steelseries Siberia V2 Orange Heat Edition Mouse - Steelseries Sensei RAW Orange Heat Edition Pictures : Currently looking for something to upgrade, a 144Hz monitor is in my sights but i'm also thinking something along the lines of a new GPU? Shall i get a 780/780ti or just wait for the 800 Series to surface?
  14. Okay, my birthday is coming up soon and I'm debating on getting a blue yeti, i already own a Siberia v2 headset and that awesome and all but i feel like the microphone fails a little, the actually sound they deliver is perfect but my real question is, Can I use a blue yeti as my microphone and use my Siberia's for my sound? P.S If this is possible, Is their any better microphones like blue yeti out there? Would this work on programs like Skype, steam etc?