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  1. So I have 2 32" LG LED (Read light as a feather) monitors. I also had lying around from an other setup a gas piston monitor arm, I though it would be good to get one of my monitos attached to it on my desk, thus clearing a bit of desk space for other things. Due to the way my desk is wedged in it took a bit of work, but I got the arm clamped to the desk, and the monitor attached to the arm. However the monitor is far too light so the arm will always go to its highest position, even when I set the force strength to its lowest setting. It then occured to me that it would be nice to get both monitos floating above my desk, and if I could attach both monitos to the same arm there should be enough weight to keep it in place. So I looked for a single vesa to dual vesa adapter bracket curved. There are a couple avalible but they all only supporty up to 27" monitors. I can't seem to find one that will support 32". I found 1 triple monitor bracket from Lindy, but it was designed for their system, also seemed a bit expensive. I was hoping someone might know where I can find what I need. Thanks. :)
  2. If you point me to where on GPU-z it shows power I would be happy to let you know. Although I would say though that the temperatures have not been too bad on the GPU, the CPU can get a little toasty, but GPU not so much.
  3. Hey, So I recently brought a Gigabyte Aero 15 and wanted to write about my experience with it. My version is the Aero 15 Classic with a i7-9750H, 16GB of RAM, 512GB M.2 ssd, and a RTX2070 Max-Q. So far it has been a very capable machine. It is able to run VR really well, it is as good if not better than my old desktop with a GTX 1070 in it. I have been able to play demanding games without any hitching, and the 240Hz monitor is a dream, as someone who has long fought against high refresh monitors are a waste of time I am amazed how much of a difference it makes. I am also a developer, and I have more than enough power to play with multi threaded programming and use creative tools (Unity3D, Unreal, Blender, etc). As for general day to day, I have to commute to London everyday an the weight is low enough for me to carry with me, it is not much heavier than my surface pro 4 which I was using before to do dev work on the move. It is also has a very small foot print, using the new thin bezel design that is going around and I hope it is here to stay as to keeps the size down without sacrificing screen space. The keyboard (which I am using right now) is light, does not require very much force to actuate, for me this makes it very comfortable to use, and has some nice physical feedback even with the small travel distance. The touch pad, although maybe not up to the same feel as the mac pro it is one of the best touch pads I have used, very accurate, very smooth, and not having the dedicated buttons at the bottom gives enough space for moving around and use the mouse over the whole screen. Anyway I hope this has help anyone who is looking for a new high powered laptop.
  4. I am guessing you are using something like if(keypressed){//do something}. Instead use a separate bool variable. Then set it to true when the key is pressed, and set it to false when the key is released. Then, inside you need a game update loop, and inside that put if(boolVariable) { //do something } That should remove the effect of the key pause.
  5. Hi, so I have been following this forum for a few years now, and watching linus videos for even longer. I am planning to move to windows 10 some time in the next couple of months, and when I do I want to upgrade my storage. I currently have a 256GB Crucial M4 SSD + a 2TB Seagate HDD + some other HDD holding linux and OSX and windows 8 etc. (I like having lots of OS's ) However I am running out of space on both of my main drives, so for the SSD I will be moving to a 512GB Samsung EVO, and then use that and the old Crucial SSD for my steam games etc. My question is with the HDD, I want to move to having 4TB of space within one partition, should I buy a new 2TB drive and use windows 10 new storage pool stuff to create a 4TB partition (and if I did this would I still be able to access the information from the other OS's that I use, and would that require me to delete the data that I currently have on my 2TB HDD), or should I just buy a new 4TB drive or even go bigger with 5TB? And either way should I go for another Seagate or go with a WD Green, or WD Red if going for 5TB. Thanks very much for any help.