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  • Birthday 1989-09-17

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    Should i ?

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    Meme Paradox
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    PC hardware, Changing profile pics .
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    Big~ish fan of Linus , PC enthusiast , Probably have changed profile pic for the 3rd time by now , Hate clickbaits .
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    bitching about not having a dream PC for so many years


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    intel core i5 4460 @3.20Ghz Locked
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    Gigabyte H97M - D3H Socket LGA 1150
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    Corsair VENGEANCE DDR3 8Gb (X2) 1600mhz
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    XFX RADEON HD 7750
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    Terabytes after terabytes of ..
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    550 Watts EVGA
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    classified info (its awesome) but 60 Hz :(
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    keep the side panel off , that's my custom cooling .
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    5k dpi stutter~y laser
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Reply with an image you like, i will choose one & use it as my new avatar for a week. No questions asked whatever category you choose or pick, bring it.

  2. Julian Assange personal tech Items are being handled as evidence by some US & Ecuadorian authority now, meaning they're probably sweeping through any available data. Spokesperson says that he scrubbed all of the data before being captured. So any evidence that pops up against him would pretty much be a planted evidence. it'll be interesting to see if an "Evidence" comes up in the coming days.

    1. imreloadin


      I fully expect him to be sent to good ol' Guantanamo after closed door trial...

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      im not sure if you can efficiently overwrite data in an unrecoverable form in a small time frame. he could be bluffing. unless he was sandboxing the shit out of it. in which case it might be hard to recover anything.

  3. Quick everyone, act surprised.
  4. I've been extra sluggish this week, feel like i should be sleeping 20 hours a day.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Hey your status updates about sleeping all day got me snoozy too. 🤤

    3. WikiForce


      which one? i don't remember posting anything like that recently. Maybe several months ago.

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  5. Saw a meme the other day which said 'PC enthusiasm & gaming are two different things' . shit is too deep i cant stop thinking about it.


    i mean  i've never seen those top streamers set aside time each day to talk about  PC or whatever unless asked off  or even talk on it casually it's 'all game' , but we can talk about it & be casual about it but we're not gamers on that level.  but those that are hardware enthusiast like us go at it everyday, talk about it when we get time & all. but we're stuck at that moderate talent level. meaning not a "gamer" lever.  it's two different environment when you look at it from the outside.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      Gamer vs. PC Enthusiast vs. Casual vs. Console User vs. Peasant vs. Normie vs. everyone else




    2. Firewrath9


      kinda of like how racing and car enthusiasts are 2 different things, or how gamers are game coders etc.

    3. Tech_Dreamer
  6. if anyones gonna do any sort of spying, it's gonna be US!
  7. Tech_Dreamer

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    **Neo Beats another agent & kills him** Nobody : Agent Smith :
  8. Tech_Dreamer

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

  9. Forward this thread to all our parents. watch them loose their minds.
  10. I'm not liking the bling there tbh . if it was a sort of print, i might've liked it.



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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      that too.  dont think there was an explicit fan of Linus in a ll of that. felt like they tagged along.  most of the twitter tags about meeting Linus at that time was from young guys & few old dudes . dont remember any girls being enthusiastic about it & fangirling over the net.

    3. Pascal...


      *Imagine Linus having actual fan girls* 


      Yep, I can't either

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  11. GOT ending, some people happy that it's the whole season finale or whatever as some are unhappy with plot , I'm just happy now for the sole reason that the memes on it would stop permanently after this is over. although i give it 2 weeks head room to burn up. #MemeFinale

  12. Tech_Dreamer

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Scene from the movie Beauty & the beast where Belle singing a song before going out to find her lost father.