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Status Updates posted by Tech_Dreamer

  1. Imagine being that dude , who's under quarantine with Gal Gadot.




    Not me >>


    1. minibois


      "You JUSt HAvE TO Say 'I'm FiNE', buT yOU'Re NOt FINE"


    2. DildorTheDecent
  2. The second rebound wave of highly resistant corona virus is gonna hit us so hard, it'll be up to Larry King & Queen Elizabeth II to repopulate the earth.


    Unrelated Trump gif :


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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      @lewdicrous  : Heard in a past press conference that initial wave would pass over & people would recover, But still it would be active but in a reduced manner.  in a containable & manageable patchwork like situation in communities , But very much controllable. like how Ebola is doing right now in distant communities.

    3. lewdicrous


      The Spanish flu, iirc, decreased in cases during summer, but came back during fall and killed a lot of people. We need to be prepared for something like that.


    4. Tech_Dreamer


      Agreed, But we have to take into account the timeline as well. that was back in 1900s , we're in 21st century we're at a far far advanced stage where we can achieve heavy refined mitigation & oversight on where things are. thanks to constant surveillance & high volume of cross communication to any part of the world literally seconds apart to exchange accurate data between 100,000+ scientists & associated workers & world leaders across the globe . we can localize, work together & contain threats & reduce it to specific communities rather see it spread in an unstoppable manner. But as long as there are idiots dedicated to spread this stuff.i guess we're still at the mercy of the weakest link in the chain.🤷‍♀️



  3. I'd prefer the creeper custom case over the steel spiral one. that spiral steel one seemed so odd.



    1. RorzNZ


      Limited edition thank you must be masterpiece.

    2. Tech_Dreamer
  4. Nevah Forgetti, Post-election undermining tactic Spaghetti.



    1. handymanshandle


      PTSD: Post-Trump Stress Disorder, because these fuckers will never forget

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      i don't mind them bringing in an evidence based argument like if he was a foreign asset, But this literally shows the preemptive scheming & targeted fabrication & stitched up scenario to deliberately make him look bad. forget the politics side, this is literally framing an innocent man.

  5. Parrot Gang thread pushed to off-topic 2nd page half way down on it's way to page 3.





    1. LukeSavenije


      and you can go back to Gal

    2. Tech_Dreamer
  6. Interesting thread, dude bought it for a blind online auction.


    4 gpu.png


    10 series & 20 series don't have quad sli support if i'm right. so must be something 900 or 700 series.


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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      you're right, checked with model back plates & it seems like a 10 series (1070ti depending on the slot thickness)

    3. RollinLower


      makes the quad SLI thing very weird tough.

      maybe it ran some custom stuff that could utilize it?

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      there was a custom driver available for quad SLI straight from nvidia upon request according to pcper at that time if i recall right. Plus doesn't it look like all of them have individual aio water coolers? The other side where the fans tucked in must be messy.

  7. > November

    > Starts an unplanned broken study routine

    > Not getting anywhere

    > January new plan/strategic approach

    > Extensive random Pomodoro sessions

    > Lost track of time

    > Stressed out

    > Not going out

    > Nor meeting anyone

    > Pretty much locked in

    > Go out to buy only edibles & weekly essential stuff

    > Can't take it no more

    > Don't believe in the idea of God , Still

    > Ask God. Why must i suffer through?

    > God Starts Pandemic

    > Everyone put under Home quarantine

    > See Tech_Dreamer? Now everyone is suffering just like you

    > God works in mysterious ways.





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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      i can open it on a new tab & see it. i already got one. alas i wouldn't mind one more.

    3. LukeSavenije
    4. Tech_Dreamer
  8. 🎵..And in my dreams I've kissed your lips.. a thousand times 🎶




  9. Wrote a news article about 'YouTube resolution limitation' & a few people commented on "why isn't it happening now, i just tested & works for me" Almost.. Almost as if they skipped the TLDR i put up at the very very top of the article in simple bullet form so that people don't need to read the things down below or the the thing said on the first paragraph right below. Damn the title game.


    People skipping details can be misguided easily. its a dangerous thing.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      People don't know how to read anymore.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      no wonder journalists can misguide people so much. in politics especially, NEWS title is one thing & the actual detail is entirely opposite. it's implication & inflamed deception. in a nutshell. 

  10. Post your weirdest corona virus conspiracy down below. make it funny.

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    2. themaniac


      oh and that China has a population many millions times larger than North Korea

    3. Eschew


      3. the most elaborate worldwide advertising scheme fabricated by Ndemic Creations to promote Plague Inc. Ndemic released the virus in Wuhan, but China found out and that's why they banned the game


      wait i think i'm onto something here

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      Peta formulated it as a revenge to the wet markets brutality in Wuhan, but it got out of control.


    1. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      what was the context ? 

    2. Pascal...


      Trump be like: Alexa we need lots of guns !!!!




    3. Tech_Dreamer


      @Rohith_Kumar_Sp   COVID-19 Hit at a time when seasonal flu (seasonal influenza during Dec/Jan/March) & other allergies usually show up & is extremely common showing symptoms amidst this confused time.  people mistake them for current pandemic corona symptoms, the doctor was giving as an example she had fever like symptoms the weekend & it passed. He is working with the team personally every day as a day to day basis strategy approach as he said from the beginning. so has closed door meetings & direct hourly interactions in close proximity with them.  meaning higher risk if any one comes to contact. hence the "Imma Yeet Outta here" joke after she said she showed some similar symptoms..


    1. handymanshandle
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      i wonder if VHS magnetic tape is a good replacement.

    3. handymanshandle


      it'd be like flossing your ass so not really

  13. Hope Wikileaks & other insider agents are scooping up some cables worldwide during this, would love to see uncensored version of nations inside talks and coverups happening right now. Journalism from regular media groups isn't gonna cut it. always mislead & do cover up on behalf of governments. only so called "outlaws" like these bring out the raw truth on who's who & what's being controlled. Truth is a pure force of nature.

  14. Corona Virus :  i should pull back a bit. Give humanity a chance.


    Hanta Virus : 



    1. lewdicrous


      It's as if God and nature are playing uno and they're both dropping "draw 4" cards.

    2. Techstorm970




      GOOD!  I just about had an aneurysm...

  15. Who would win?


    $15+ (per pen) totaling upto $450 in value Bullet Bois






    One $2.5 Sharpie Boi



    1. handymanshandle


      Still found it hilarious and sad that Pelosi literally had pens made for his “solemn” impeachment.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      it's a good thing i guess, it'll constantly remind them of their failure every time they look at it. Kinda like that Hillary Magazine preprint of "Madame President".

  16. Olympics Postponed for the first time(1 year), The shocking news came from IOC Official Dick Pound.



    1. VegetableStu






  17. Not sure if it's a good joke or a Cruel insult.




    PS: These items are for a giveaway, so go to their tweet & do the usual social follow & like & comment & you may win one of these.



    imo online giveaways are a waste of time , but who knows. you wanna try your luck then it's cool.

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    2. Pascal...


      Thanks man for showing. I participated:



    3. DildorTheDecent



      imo online giveaways are a waste of time , but who knows. you wanna try your luck then it's cool.

      Don't worry, you'll win something someday.

    4. Tech_Dreamer
  18. Damn, the original design looked more appealing.

    feel like the large logo  cutout they used for the final finished project makes it look a bit weird.

    1. lewdicrous


      I'm guessing the original design was too much for them to make in-house, but it looks way more sleek.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      they could've outsourced the project . believe they need a more powerful Laser cutter & a more thicker aluminum to get it done right.

  19. Trump Lied & Down played the effects of the virus, he should've said something like....


  20. > Covid19 pandemic starts slowing down

    > People start recovering

    > Developed vaccines starts having wide effect

    > Everyone starts to get happy

    > Suddenly Earth starts shaking , volcanoes starts erupting, hail the size of golf ball starts falling from the sky

    > Ground cracks open with an earth shattering noise

    > Lava spews everywhere

    > An 80 Foot giant Bat emerges from the ground in Wuhan

    > It's the final Boss fight.




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Alas the Giant Bat was defeated within 5 minutes as the Brave Fearless People of Wuhan gathered & surrounded the giant bat started biting it down & eating the bat alive. The world watched in shock & horror filled awe as the threat of the Giant bat turned into an 'All you can eat buffet' . :ph34r:

    3. Pascal...


      @dennisliao Stop eating everything alive.

    4. VegetableStu


      taiwan, not mainlander ._.