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  1. I have an a8-7650k APU. It just says R7 Graphics, so I dont really know. But I'd like to win so I can upgrade and be able to run a few more games at a little higher resolution and frames than I can currently get with the APU
  2. It would make an awesome upgrade to my current system and a pretty good portable gaming machine that I could take to LAN events or just bring with me when I'm travelling. It's a great laptop substitute, especially considering I don't have a laptop
  3. Definitety Smart Switch. It makes switching to and using the phone even easier
  4. Z2 is amazing with its 20+MP camera and dedicated camera button. And I love how dbrand makes skins for so many phones and at the same time, they're super affordable.
  5. All these videos of Jay and Linus are kinda creepy guys.... Please stop
  6. Linus didnt lie, you guys are helpful.... I'm looking for something with built in capability... Not an add-on. I'll check out the Asus line and see if they're okay. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it
  7. So I know these arent the in thing, but I'm looking for a laptop with multiple hard drive bays. I want a laptop that is able to hold an SSD and a regular hard drive. I know these arent common, but do you guys know of any and with some decent, okay or good specs. Please and thanks