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  1. iamsh vids https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFfand https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  2. i wants the hyper threading for much rendering
  3. the all in one liquid cooler because a friend has it and seems to work really well
  4. Chromecast from google cheap easy solution to make tv into smart tv works with android and apple
  5. did 1,2,4 steps hope to step on a s stinky footboard
  6. Ive tried evrything with the gpu i recently cleared the cmos but all it does is start up for a couple seconds in bios or it trying to boot from hdd then shutting off
  7. Its not the gpu becasue i used a friends gpu on my computer and i am still geting the same result and ontop of that i used my gpu in my friends system and it worked perfectly
  8. I dont have an extra gpu but i am currently trying to change slots
  9. Its a 660 and the fans spin up i also havent oc the gpu
  10. I dont have onboard video output on the motherboard, its a 990x gigabyte board http://m.gigabyte.com/product/product.aspx?pid=3901&c=105000000
  11. Im sorry if this is too vague but I currently own fx6300 on 990x mobo and I have overclocked it. I ran prim95 and did all that stuff 2months ago but now the computer crashed and now just gave me a black screen, I cant get into bios or anything. I clean some dust from fans, should I just take the computer apart?
  12. jkiamsh

    mouse help

    that was what I was thinking as well but I dont like the middle button going left to right
  13. jkiamsh

    mouse help

    oh i meant left side lol
  14. jkiamsh

    mouse help

    I am looking for a mouse that is a claw grip, have 2-1 buttons on right side and have a strong middle click button. I am currently using a deathadder and I enjoy the middle click only
  15. Are they any good for gaming or should I get the steelseries V2? They are only for 50 bucks near a local comp part store
  16. I dont think a 240mm rad will fit in the 200r unless you go over your motherboard a bit. Or put it on the side panel
  17. the 200r was a pain for me to install an after market cooler like the 212 after the motherboard was installed other then that there are alot of areas to install fans
  18. What freq, temp, and multi shud i us to oc my 6300 i have a 212evo
  19. go to a store and try them out :D I have a deathadder and am regretting it. kinda big for me :(
  20. jkiamsh

    212 or h40

    is the h40 better or is the 212 better as in performance wise.
  21. Ok ill try that but I have done alot of things to try to get it to work, (ex. I turned it on and off, turned it on without battery, yelled at it, got mad at it and finally gave up on it) It looks like this