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  1. Turns out my Nvidia Control panel settings has been set to default even my G Sync was off weirdly enough and Vsync as well as Power usage as the gent up above said it was reverted to defaults...so weird why it messed my settings as i havent changed anything recently unless bloody cam software is the culprit again much thanks everyone that was murder hours trying to troubleshoot lol my GPU is back to a nice 2% load with wallpaper engine so am all happy again
  2. OOOOOOOH Cheeky B!!!!!s...I just noticed all of my Nvidia setting within control panel have changed to defaults wtf! Okay ill tweak my settings again and report back...seriously wtf windows cant recall my previous settings lol wish me luck
  3. Okay...So i have tried closing Wallpaper Engine and it GPU load bouncing down to the 0-2% load that's good i guess...Issue still at hand is the Clock speed of my GPU is still stuck at a pathetic 300Mhz...I tried going into BIOS and changing PCIE to Gen 2 from Auto with no success again i looked up this issue and am seriously stuck
  4. I badly require assistance in fixing my GPU Clock speed and usage issue! Okay so to being with...I turned on my PC this evening to be greeted with a NZXT Cam Software update and ever since i am having issues...I ended up uninstalling cam and reinstalled the latest version and i am having some weird results...So i was getting and am still getting weird behaviour like my RTX 2070 GPU running at 300Mhz clock speed when am used to it always running at its factory clocked 1410Mhz with a boost to 1710Mhz but it stays at 300Mhz regardless if am idle at Desktop... Wallpaper Engine looks odd as its reporting a GPU usage of 20% instead of its usual 2% load... Wallpaper Engine using 20% GPU Usage Seriously? I've always and always will have my machine well optimized so noticing something like this is a red flag... I have tried changing to different wallpapers and they all perform the exact same whereas before they used to differ i reckon this is a bug but i want to hear from you all here in the comments below...
  5. How to view my YouTube livestream chat via Smartphone? Single monitor User need advice. Heyyy LTT Community ;) Okay so...I have a weird situation and need advice on what to do lol So i plan to start doing more livestreams on YouTube but i only have one monitor and i am wondering what's the best way to view my live chat and notifications from say my smartphone, like is there a app for what i am trying to achieve? I know Streamlabs OBS Remote app does exactly what i need sadly the app is in a broken state atm that's why i am having to fall back to trying to find another solution, I know i could just play my livestream from my smartphone but that's just seems really annoying to have to do especially for me and the viewers... I did recently have a second monitor sadly it was causing me mad performance loss and issues when using my PC for recording and live streaming so at least at the moment a second monitor isn't an option at least with this current PC i have, also my setup space is really small and was struggling with the room to crame another monitor on my desk... I look forward to hearing back from fellow other users who have experience and can suggest ideas and tips for me, very much appreciate the time you all take to respond back to me thanks in advance.
  6. I don't mind with the locked 144Hz but as i said locking the FPS didn't do anything for the resource use, I'll try changing the bitrate to a lower value as well as other suggested ideas later, much thanks for the feedback and help everyone i'll be back in abit, Much love!.
  7. I only stream to YouTube, I'll try soon gotta get some sleep it's 530am here but i will further test and get back to you and everyone else here in this thread in a few hours, i very much appreciate the help and advice thanks.
  8. I tried with a thread as well as reaching out to SLOBS support but the recommended fixes were laughable like lock my fps to 30/60 and bump my settings down to low or medium I get it though my machine is probably being bottlenecked and using too much resources but this doesn't happen when recording so am conflicted to try as i mentioned dropping the settings within SLOBS rather than ingame mean as you can see the lower i dropped settings the higher my FPS rises which doesn't help and locking my FPS to 144Hz didnt work i didn't bother to try 30/60FPS as i seriously doubt its got much to do with the machine not having enough resources maybe with the current settings for SLOBS yeahhhhhhh but i reckon if i change a setting within SLOBS i may be able to gain that smooth and not skipped frames look to my stream
  9. Streamlabs OBS Skipped Frames Detected...I'm looking for guidance in resolving this ongoing issue. Apologies everyone am trying my best to adjust my settings and figure out what's the best balanced settings for my Livestream... ...Recording i am able to have a nice steady perfect 1080p60FPS without issues but when i try the same settings for live streaming this is when it comes to ingame gameplay as you can see i get skipped frames not lost frames or lagged frames but "skipped frames" I plan to later on try again with a lower bitrate at the moment my bitrate is at 9000, I have 390MBPS Download 46MBPS Upload so yeahhhhhhhhh...This will take a few failed attempts till i get this working i'll unlist these livestream in the meantime but if anyone has any handy suggestions i'd greatly appreciate feedback thanks.
  10. I've tested it just using my main monitor excluding the second monitor and using Borderless Windowed definitely locked the FPS to 144Hz but if i revert back to fullscreen i go back up to my usual 280-300FPS seems am getting quite the FPS drop just for using Borderless Windowed I only wanna use Borderless Windowed so am able to switch screens seamlessly when using slobs and other programs, At the moment this is just me botting up the game without anything running np slobs so seems Borderless Windowed is acting up, I'm using a RTX 2070 GPU for the record in case anyone's wondering
  11. Yes i have Vsync turned off for all games and applications as i always want highest fps possible.
  12. Overwatch Borderless Windowed FPS Capped? Okay So i am new to Multi-Monitor's As i only a few days ago got myself a second monitor so i don't have to rely on my smartphone for use when using slobs so i have it setup working great but i noticed when i entered a game using fullscreen i couldn't drag my mouse across screens then realised i have to use Borderless Windowed mode in order do do that and sure enough that worked... My issue is now that i am using Borderless Windowed for example Overwatch i'm getting a hard lock 144FPS instead of the 300FPS i'd get when running fullscreen...Is this normal or is there a way to regain my fps back? Only way i've been able to remain my 300FPS back is by disabling my second monitor My main monitor is 1080p 144Hz and my new monitor is 1080p 60Hz I dunno if this is the reason for the lock FPS though i am running G-sync for my main display again that could be the cause but of course turning G-sync doesn't make sense am so confused at this point, If there's any experienced users out there i'd greatly appreciate the advice thanks in advance.
  13. Okay lol so i'm now in the process of returning this hub to Amazon,..... Does anyone have any recommendations on what i should do in regards to buying a different USB Hub one that will work for my needs or should i leave it?
  14. Okay i tried removing the Oculus Rift S and yep same issues even without that plugged in am guessing its the hub