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  1. Help required...Upgraded GPU but now get unstable Recordings/Livestreams Okay so where to start... I have been recording/live streaming since last December using Streamlabs OBS and have had no real issue since i went through my setup settings, I used to get a perfect native 1080p 60FPS recordings and live streams without any issues like stutters or lag etc, I was previously using Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN BLACK SC... I only recently upgraded my GPU to a Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Founder's Edition and well i went to try use SLOBS as normal with same settings to have my recordings and livestreams be pixelated and have many dropped/skipped frames, i tried to fix my settings but nothing would work so i decided to finally give the new Nvidia NVENC NEW encoder a try seem as my GPU is well supported but again after days of conscious testing i can't for the life of me get slobs stable...all i want is the same Native 1080p 60FPS i once had, The thing is i have now went from Overwatch as the example from Ultra settings with an average 100+fps to Maxed out Epic settings with an average FPS of 200+ so safe to say i am getting the best performance i can get...turning down game settings hasn't helped my issues with Skipped/Dropped Frames... Here's my specs Intel Core i7 4770K Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Founder's Edition 16GB DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz 400MBPS Download/20MBPS Upload Fibre Optic Broadband Before I was using the NVENC old Encoder and was getting perfect results but even trying to go back and sue older encoder doesn't seem to fix my issues so either using Old or New is working for me atm and Software Encoder is a hell no as i heavily impacts my CPU... I have tried to use Simple as well as advance and tried CBR at 3000, 6000, 9000, and again same results great image quality but poor lost/skipped frames...I dunno how to get rid of them i have tried every suggestion i have found via YouTube and other forums with no real help, I hope someone can help me get my Setup back upto where it once was, as my YouTube channel is now in jeopardy of progressing All i want is to get my settings tuned and setup and working with recording and live streaming without issues like dropped/skipped frames... I have screenshots my settings even though they are still causing me frame skips/drops etc. Anyone willing to help me resolve these issues i will happily reward i just badly require proper help from someone who knows this software in and out, I hope i can get some help and advice thanks in advance.
  2. I'm back again, So it seems it's defiently relating to Dropped Frames...are ideas anyone?
  3. Okay i went and uninstalled and reinstalled Streamlabs OBS set it up from scratch even went to the extend to lower the Resolution to 720p and still get really bad loss frames from anywhere of 20-70% everytime this is happening in video recording hell not gonna try live streaming no point at this stage... weird how my old gpu worked flawlessly but this new gpu performs like trash with slobs... Last thing i tried was CBR at 3500 but again loads of dropped frames I don't understand how i could get 1080 with smooth perfect working recording/live streams using slobs on a older gpu but a newer one cant...
  4. I'm going to try CBR at 6000 As i've heard from various sources online saying all the same thing that 6000 is the correct Bitrate for 1080p 60fps apar from 6000 CBR am open to suggestions, treat me as if am a complete noob and dunno what settings are right, i really need someone who's experienced to recommend the correct settings to try, i need advice.
  5. At the point am just willing to start over, I think SLOBS changed stuff when it updated because stuff wasn't looking right when i went to fix it myself but of course with trying various settings nothings working as am getting lots of lag stuttering during my video playbacks but not affected in gameplay
  6. BTW for the record...am using Overwatch as an example to test and i have the game running at Maxed out Epic settings at 1080p 144Hz with average of 200 FPS even while recording so defiently not a limitation issue lol so weird i really badly need help on this even willing to reward someone for there time and effort to help me resolve this issue.
  7. At this moment in time i want to focus on fixing the recording part once we can get this sorted then i want to then tackle getting livestreaming finally sorted, can't believe i am having to ask for help on this matter, i feel like such a noob
  8. I can't seem to get Stable Recording/Livestream using SLOBS I require Assistance/Help to Fix Streamlabs OBS I used to have it completely setup working perfect was able to record and livestream at Native 1080p 60FPS with no issues and that was on my older Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN Black SC, but recently i upgraded to Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 and of course gained more performance in games but when i went to try streamlabs obs with the same settings as before i was getting horrible pixelated artifacts/lag etc so i started to play around with the settings again and nope can't seem to fix this issue, I read online that the NVENC NEW is a new option meant to better performance and image quality but even after trying that i cant seem to get anywhere near what i used to have...I have been recording/live streaming to YouTube since last December and have had zero issues as i can share for you all to get a sense of how the quality of my videos have been as of late, At this moment in time i dunno what to try i've tried just about everything, For the Record I have 400MBPS Download/20MBPS Upload Fibre Optic Broadband MY system specs are, 4770K Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 16GB RRR3 RAM 1600Mhz 1080p 144Hz Monitor Not sure what else to mention other than i just want to get the most out of my system for recording and live streaming but at this point i cant even get the recording stable even with lowest settings of I have attached photos of my settings to make it easier for you all to see, I hope to hear back from you all soon thanks in advance.
  9. I'll report back once i've re installed Nvidia Drivers if that doesn't work am sure we can bump heads ad figure another suggesting, Gotta take Dog to the Vets so will be back laters wish i had the time to support this just now but will report back later tonight thanks for the fast response everyone.
  10. I was already on the most recent GPU drivers so guess all i can do is try and uninstall then reinstall from scratch should that work?
  11. Upgraded GPU now have PCI Device Error require help :( I just upgraded my Graphics Card and on first boot i got a weird message display on boot saying please connect power cables to gpu even though they were already connected duh lol Anyways i shut down unplugged and replugged back in and away i went onto using my new RTX GPU but then noticed once entered windows a bunch of issues most resolved themselves as windows did its thing but i have a weird issue in device manager...How do i correct this issue as can be seen in this screenshot i have taken? For the record under display adapter it does show my Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 GPU and i know i only have 1 PCI-E slot so am confused why this has happened and how to fix this i hope someone with more knowledge can help :(
  12. What's the Best Graphics Card Upgrade for my Current Gaming Rig? At the moment i am still running my trusty OG Original EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Black SC 6GB GPU paired with my Intel Core i74770K and 16GB DDR3 Ram... I plan to build a whole new PC Build next year 2020 but definitely wanna finally upgrade this Pc GPU to something worth of a upgrade but i don't wanna go overkill as i know pairing say a 2080 TI would instantly bottleneck my CPU/RAM so am wondering would i get best performance out of a 2060/2070? I play all my games at 1080p 120Hz at whatever quality i can achieve usually High/Ultra as long as i can still achieve Average 100 FPS minimum 60FPS, I've held off for ages to buy a GPU because of the whole crypto mining thing and the prices took forever to come down even GTX 1070/1080 are still priced around 500-600 USD/GBP also no point in going for nearly 3/4 years old GPU I should also mention i do a lot of Streaming and Recording for my YouTube channel, I use my Nv Encoder using Streamlabs OBS so trying to keep that in mind, alo plan to pass this PC onto my little brother next year so hoping whatever GPU i do upgrade it do will be finally worth while, For the record i built this PC Rig back in 2013 so it's done me well and still to this date get good performance it's just a lot of the games i play now am having to compromise and of course now that am streaming etc the hardware i built back then isn't suited best for Live Streaming etc so need to try keep that in mind with what GPU i to decide to upgrade to also with my next PC built but the focus of this thread is to seek help in what GPU would best be paired with my current Gaming Rig, I hope i've described the situation i'm in and can get some good advice and useful information, Thanks all in advance, LTTForums is a awesome community
  13. Thanks everyone i really do appreciate all the help and support, I'll keep an eye on things over the next 48 hours to see if this scammer does actually manage to take over my account so here's hoping everything's okay.