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  1. water cooling loop in a 380t from corsair mother board gigabyte mini itx cpu- I7 4770k ram- 16 gb of corsair vengeance ram graphic card- evga gtx 970 sc psu- corsair RM 550w (the 650w dosent fit but the 550s dose) pun to Luke base kit form EKWB https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-kit-l240-1 and three 90 degree fitting plus the gpu block and nuctua black fans ps: take a dremel for the rad i had some hard time with the thickness of the rad had to dremel next to the fins pick 4 to 6
  2. final touch on it took a long run to finish it
  3. i am on a color theam and it fited my wallet at the moment
  4. and why not??? water cooling is not exclusive to unlock cpu on wat i know i live in a free country and ther is no law about water cooling a lock cpu
  5. I7 4770/gigabyte z97 mini itx gaming/ 16g of corsair vengence black 1866mhz/evga 970 ftw/ corsair RM550w(yes it fits Luke is in the wrong)/cooler h80i for the moment / and for the case a corsair 380t /fans noctua industrials 2000rpm 120mm (2) the costom loop will be the basic kit (V2) from ek plus a water block from ek
  6. the killer ones i have it on my msi GE 60 apache laptop and on my g1 m itx mother board and it dose a job from heaven for me
  7. i love ther power supply they are so effective and reliable i had one for many years and i think its time to go for a biger one please please tchose me
  8. i have done all the steps of your tutorial on page one and still nothing is working the one stick of ram two i have sent back my cpu and mother board because i think they were doa i am going to test with other sticks or ram at my friend place this weekend but i am prety shure its the missing pece in the puzzle. wen i try to boot it up everithing start spining and thats it. it powers my gpu to but no signal i tried the dvi and the hdmi plug nothing is going out to my screan
  9. i have a cpu I5 4570 gpu750ti motherboard MSI Z87I AC ram HyperX Fury Black Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory cooler 1 x Noctua NH-L9i 95mm SSO2 CPU Cooler its my first build and its not working i am desperet and a liscence for windows 7 please help
  10. thanks a lot i am going to try wen i get the rest of the pices i just got my motherboard now i am going to buy the rest today just got pay yesterday
  11. thanks a lot for the well commes i have a 640GB WD scorpio blue hdd from a asus A73S laptop and i was mor wondering if i realy need to re instal windows in the hdd on i can just plug and hope for the best ??? thanks
  12. hello i am new to the comunity and i am not really good at (wrighting please) nor computing i am building my first computer an i am trying to use the hdd of my laptop as the maine boot drive. i was wondering if i needed to cleen completely the hdd or i can just plug boot and play ??? please can somebody help me thanks