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    ASUS P77Z-Deluxe
    Intel 3570K
    16GB (2x8) G Skill 2400 memory
    NZXT 850W Bronze PS
    OCZ Agility 4 128GB SSD
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    ASUS P77Z-Deluxe
    Intel 3570K
    16GB (2x8) G Skill 2400 memory
    NZXT 850W Bronze PS
    OCZ Agility 4 128GB SSD
    Coarsair 600T
    2 x WD Black 6GB/s 1TB
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    Electronics Technician; Professional FUIC drinker
  1. I have the ASUS Direct CUII GTX670. It runs fine, but I don't have DOTA. With your Nvidia driver have you installed the Gforce Experience. Perhaps that has been updated and is launching your game with higher settings then you previously used. Not sure if DOTA is a supported game but may be somewhere to look.
  2. This is very handy. I did not know about this before but I just found out that my girlfriend, who sits next to me with her PC, that she knew about this for some time and never told me about it. There WILL be a divorce, right after I marry her first..lol
  3. According to the description on the website it would; why not message them to be sure. " Product Description The Logisys Inverter Harness Cable w/ PCI Slot Switch is the same cable used in Logisys Cold Cathode kits. Can be used to connect power inverters for cathode illumination."
  4. The cable you would need appears to be either... http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10453/cab-192/Logisys_Inverter_Harness_Cable_w_PCI_Slot_Switch.html?tl=g6c449 or http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6237/cab-98/Cold_Cathode_Rocker_Switch_Cable_Harness.html?tl=g6c449
  5. Perhaps its meant for a device that would use the display to actually project the image onto a larger surface, such as a micro projector?
  6. I was a console player since the launch of the Xbox 360 up until recently when I built my PC. Since then it's been cheap Steam games all the way, BUT I have continued to use my Xbox controllers. Why? Because whenever I go to use my keyboard mouse for game play within a few seconds my hands start to hurt. I just cannot handle the position for WSAD. Many years back before my Xbox 360 I was happy playing keyboard / mouse on PC but not now. Maybe it's just because I am older but I am happy and comfortable to continue using my controller. And the Xbox 360 controller is so comfortable; such a great design.
  7. You should look in Windows task manager and check under processes to see what is utilizing the CPU. It may give an idea to a background process that is using the CPU. You may have inadvertently installed a background program. It's the best place to start. Oh bother, just re-read your post. GPU...not CPU. lol Sorry carry on.
  8. I got red, mainly because I wanted a bright keyboard, but now having experienced it I would have gone a different colour. Maybe yellow or green.
  9. Well that was definitely the solution. My contacts have not disappeared again.
  10. With today's announcement of the new Nexus 7 I'll be ordering one for my girlfriend along with a Chrome cast. Really liking these Google devices.
  11. Yeah its stock 4.2.2 and beside adding a couple of Apps from the Google play store nothing has really been changed. I decided to try something. I went back in to settings and restored the phone to the factory setup, given I have only had it since Friday. I then signed back in to my Google account during the start up and voila! all my contacts from my Google account (originally exported from my phone) synced back to my phone and for over a few hours now haven't disappeared. Even if I manually force a sync. If this indeed does resolve my issue then it would appear for some reason that during the original sync with my Google account, where the contacts were on my phone and not in my Google account, went awry and instead of adding extra contacts they were removed. Strange, but fingers crossed this has fixed it. One interesting comment over at the Android forums stated that one person with a similar issue actually ended up returning her phone for a replacement and after which she did not have the same problem. Maybe it was the fact the new phone was at factory default settings that it worked, similar to my resolution. Thanks for all those who read this thread and made suggestions. I'll probably post back in a week if this resolution sticks.
  12. Yeah doesn't seem to be any different. When my contacts started to disappear one thing I did was export my contacts to a VCF file from the phone and then imported that list into my Google contacts. My contact list does not change in Google, but still disappear in my phone. In the Android forums a lot is said about what contact list they are listed in. I have mine under 'My Contacts'. As the only two contacts that are persistant in the phone were manually entered I am seriously thinking of just entering them all manually. Seems to circumvent what Sync is supposed to be able to do correctly.
  13. I have read on Android forums that this is a wide spread problem with various possible causes.Today I did a test. I turned off my mobile data connection. I imported the SIM contacts and they remained in the phone for a few hours. I then re-enabled data and then forced Google to sync. As I was seeing the spinning wheel notification to say sync was in progress I quickly switch to my contacts list. I could see the contacts disappearing one at a time. lol So yes it is a SYNC problem with Google. Now, I have confirmed that my Google contacts list is correct and up to date and matches exactly with what I import from my SIM card into my phone, so I don't know what it is about Google account Sync that is removing all the contacts. Its easy to quickly import all the contacts from my SIm, but there are several contacts I want to changed and can't as they keep disapearing from my phone. I have wondered if there was an option to import contacts from my Google account to see if that fixes the problem, but I guess that is what Sync is for. It's still strange as to why the first two contacts I manually entered in the phone don't disappear.
  14. Ok then I apologize too. I did press the TAB key whilst entering text to get a paragraph indent and then managed to save the post when all it said was HI.So no harm done.