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  1. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of them because they lack tactile feedback. Furthermore, they are relatively light switches and do not need to be fully pushed down to actuate. This leads to a lot of typing errors for me.
  2. Here's the link to Amazon (145USD). You can also buy the Strafe RGB Silent from Corsair themselves (150USD). Best Buy seems to be the cheapest retailer of the Strafe (143USD).
  3. I found this site which offers ISO-layout keyboards. http://keyboardco.com/
  4. I saw some recommendations for getting MX Blues. Warning: they are loud. I would recommend MX Browns for a good all-around switch. Also, Lenovo does indeed make a separate Thinkpad keyboard, and as a bonus it also has Bluetooth. I actually kind of considered getting it at one point. If you are looking for a TKL keyboard, here's a post I made earlier:
  5. - If you don't have a budget, go for a Topre Realforce 87U (it's expensive, but it's arguably one of the best; it's an "endgame" for some enthusiasts). You could also go for a CM Novatouch TKL, which also feature Topre (45g) switches. - There are also cheaper Topre copies such as the Royal Kludge RC930-87 (which is what I'm typing on right now), but you can only really get them on Massdrop in the US. - As I mentioned above, this category of switch (electro-capacitive) is the one I personally use. They are GREAT for typing, and I highly recommend them. - Otherwise, I recommend the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid, or Rapid-i (if you need backlighting) with MX Browns (MX Blues would probably be too loud for an office). They are relatively inexpensive, and pretty reliable. - If you want something rugged, check the link for the Realforce 87U because the same site sells KUL ES-87's which have really nice build quality (obviously a little more expensive though). Once again, I recommend MX Browns. - If you don't mind using Massdrop (i.e. waiting a month for the group buy to complete and be delivered), there are occasionally group buys for Varmilo TKL keyboards. There is actually one right now, and it has a choice for Gateron switches, which are the best (?) Cherry MX clones. - The Matias Mini Quiet Pro (if you are not in US, check the official site) is also a good choice for offices. It's not exactly "TKL", but I heard it's quite nice. You should probably do some more research to find out what you like. Make sure you check each switch for its sound test, sound is half of the experience of typing! Also, I highly recommend you invest a little more into a keyboard (assuming you type a lot).
  6. As spwath mentioned above, Gateron switches are among the best, and Kailh switches are among the worst. First off, the Monoprice keyboard that you linked can be purchased for 10USD cheaper from Monoprice's own website. Secondly, I highly recommend spending a little more on a peripheral that you will (presumably) be using a lot. If you still want to stick to a lower budget, I would strongly recommend the Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK (currently 68.00USD for MX Blues). Linus did an unboxing a while ago. Here is YouTube review by a Rhinofeed (somewhat of a keyboard enthusiast). And, here is a post on r/MechanicalKeyboards. Notable features of it include a unique layout (TKL size, but still has a number pad), backlighting, solid build, and Cherry MX switches. However, I still strongly urge you to (if possible) spend a little more on something such as a keyboard, especially if you are mainly using a mech keyboard for typing (as opposed to gaming). Also, I suggest you get a TKL, unless you absolutely need the number pad for something like Excel. tl;dr: Gaterons, Monoprice official website, CM QuickFire TK, spend more (if possible) EDIT: formatting
  7. You can do a giveaway I have a friend who is interested in picking up the phone.
  8. My favorite Feenix product is probably the Autore keyboard because of it's high quality design (gold back-plate, black-on-black key caps, removable cable, etc.). I also would love to experience a mechanical keyboard for the first time
  9. It's made for design and the privacy features it offers... not its specs. ...I mean, I still wouldn't get it
  10. I don't think he meant literally "open source". I think he means the "open-ness" of the OS like the customization and rooting options. And for the OP: Keep in mind that if you get the Droid Turbo, you will have to pay to root it... This is the only solution as of right now and the greedy mofo (<-- see what I did there.. check the link if you didn't) clearly didn't get enough money from the bounties. Also, since this is so recent, there are no custom ROMs right now. Other than that, my vote goes towards the Droid Turbo. EDIT: I just skimmed through the link, and it seems like the existing solution for root is a pain in the butt to do. And, it costs money (I'm a cheapo).
  11. What games do you plan on playing?
  12. Username: kungpaogao Favorite Video Links: https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  13. Or the Lenovo Y50... wait is the budget in USD or Malaysian currency?
  14. Well, this monitor isn't as "stylish" as the monitor I got, but it's much more feature packed...
  15. DARN IT! I JUST GOT A MONITOR af;sdlkjasl;kdfjaseiopjf;lkdjfl;kasjd
  16. There is a typo. It should be "S2415H" not "P2415H" ... I almost thought it was Dell's professional line
  17. Sadly, you wouldn't get $140 off of a Moto G... You have to spend at least $250 to get any discount