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  1. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/82546-a-review-of-sandisk%E2%80%99s-portable-music-players-%E2%80%93-then-and-now/?hl=sansa+clip I wrote this long winded thing a while back...
  2. http://www.lachlanlikesathing.com/2014/06/review-units-hurt-audio-community-how.html and http://www.lachlanlikesathing.com/2014/06/a-conversation.html EDIT: http://www.lachlanlikesathing.com/2014/06/some-solutions.html oh, another one too. Seems his incredibly long winded blog post is still there to read at least.
  3. and now the video is private and I'll never see it. darn. I miss the days when you downloaded everything and everyone had a copy.
  4. h264

    Need Amp/Dac help

    not really, just more volume.
  5. h264

    Need Amp/Dac help

    Not sure what country you're in, but: http://amzn.com/B00LP3AMC2
  6. I've never gotten any warning points. It seems every time it's happened (this time too) so far somebody has started name calling and then you've stooped to their level. Just ignore them. They don't even have a point to prove anymore. That's about the point general discussion just turns into trolling. As for the point at hand, get whatever you want, but unless you can produce a valuable feature that you believe would provide a SIGNIFICANT advantage over standard onboard and let you win every game you play, I really fail to see - issues dealing with "sound quality" aside - where you would come up with a good reason to spend over $100 on something that's not a video card, cpu, memory, motherboard (with good onboard!), or even a case or cooling. Given that this was a PC modding forum I figured when I started posting here that things like sound cards wouldn't even matter much to the majority of you in comparison to more interesting things you could overclock and post the results of into your signature. I figured the biggest pieces of misinformation would swirl around surround sound and other things that are supposed to "improve your game". Boy, was I wrong.
  7. h264

    Audio deal of the day

    I was more interested in those Fostex, actually
  8. I have used my O2+ODAC with the: HD650 K701/2 LCD-2 HE-500 Tesla T1 and all of them except the Tesla T1 and LCD-2 get loud enough with just current gain (the 1x gain mode) at less than half volume. There are some people who don't get enough out of the amp, but that's up to how loud you like to listen.
  9. If you just want a Beyerdynamic Headphone but don't want to pay either $300 or deal with a coiled cable, the Custom One Pro sounds every bit as good as the 880s and the 990s. Not to mention it doesn't need any special amping. http://is.gd/NMh6UN Stupid cheap on ebay
  10. you need an AC-AC adapter, not an AC-DC adapter.
  11. What does a tight, obnoxious headphone sound like then?
  12. Yeah, I added it. Confusion is expected I suppose, but that's sorta the point, isn't it?
  13. I didn't want you to leave that part out I just wanted to explain the top part was scientific and the bottom part was opinion once I found a place for it. The bottom part is still a useful graphic for people who have no idea what head-fi is smoking if they've just stumbled out of there.
  14. Forgive my ignorance but I assume this is a chart that shows the possible frequency response of various instruments versus some various "descriptions" / keys on the bottom. Is there a scientific basis for these descriptions or are they just accepted descriptions as understood by the chart creator? Cause I've heard of about 10 different definitions of sibilance for instance.
  15. It's not unreasonable it just doesn't pay the bills.
  16. You're assuming way to much about the nature of a forum board. Head-fi is not about scientific discussion, it's a "happy place" where people come to discuss the latest gear they purchased and what they'd like to purchase next then post pictures of on the site. Nobody in that environment wants to hear about science or measurements. Head-fi is about consumerism, and everything else flows from that.
  17. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/107275-an-overview-of-practical-headphones/ My opinion lies within.
  18. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/107275-an-overview-of-practical-headphones/ I made this a while back. It includes the headphones you are asking about.
  19. Just ask for a refund and use your onboard? The Essence line is more for audiophiles who like to swap omp-amps. Why won't they swap it with the Phoebus? (Not that you really want that either) http://is.gd/Ve6yRH. Also you may want the new version of Sennheiser's headset: http://is.gd/DFV8nc
  20. Don't listen over 85db PEAK for an extended period of time and you'll be fine. The problem is that's not as loud as you think, and people tend to turn up their earbuds to both hear parts of the music that are not represented well in cheap earbuds (the bass) and to drown out everything else even though most stock earbuds have little or no isolation. So yeah, they'll be a lot of 40 year olds with hearing aids in 10-15 years, and if you want to avoid their fate, turn down your music more than you think you need to.
  21. pre-vista it used to suck in windows. It's fine now. There are all sorts of anomalies associated with usb audio and resampling, but unless you happen to believe in Shannon-Nyquist, you'll just be like this guy only with audio:
  22. >Stoddard and Moffat don’t need to play hard ball with demos and sales talk. Schiit’s now established price/performance ratio pretty much sells itself. >“Valhalla 2 is now fully ready for efficient, low-impedance headphones, with switchable gain and only 3.5 ohms output impedance in low gain mode (14 ohms in high gain). And Valhalla 2′s performance into high-impedance headphones is even better than ever. :rolleyes: >“We’re not going to make any claims about sonics, but it’ll definitely stop USB noise and power problems in their tracks. Some people say Wyrd makes everything sound better. We don’t know how it can possibly do so, so we’re going to stay Swiss on the subject.” well at least they're honest that it's a one port USB hub with a "clock" chip. Least hilarious part of the article, ironically. What's funny is how they now have to list their output impedances every time they release a new product.
  23. I didn't know being an audiophile had anything to do with the ability to pick out instruments. I always thought it was about picking out the differences in amps, but I'll give it a shot: 1. clarinet 2. alto (western) flute 3. Is this a trick question? It's a thee piece orchestra with a violin, mezzo violin, and a harp (might be a quartet with a very quite Cello, too!). Guess you were looking for the violin? 4. French Horns and Trumpets/Cornets and some violins. Guess you were looking for French Horns here since you just did violins? 5. Harp. More Horns and stuff. 6. Piano 7. Oboe (REEDS!) 8. Piccolo up top, as usual 9. Tuba and a piano 10. Trumpet 11. Snare Drum Also mai waifu no steal: