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  1. you could put two more drives into your NAS, format them in Raid1 and then copy the data over. You could also take the new two drives and stripe them into the existing pool. If you were gonna do that, might as well get three more and just make a RaidZ1. If all you could afford is one drive though, why'd you make a NAS in the first place? If you're gonna expand your storage, better to plan it this time so you don't end up in this situation again. If you don't need that much storage and 4TB is way too much for your needs, three good 3TB drives would probably be a better option in RaidZ1 for security. Those Toshibas (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822149408) are the best deal price/gigabyte out there at the moment and I can say from personal experience are rock solid. Just be aware with RaidZ1 or any other single parity you're depending on not losing two drives at once. Also from personal experience, this can happen A LOT. Rebuilds on each parity of a 3TB drive are around 6 hours, and that's with it only about 1/3 filled. So, in short, "security" is expensive, but single drives are cheap. Pick your poison or just keep cold backups of your single drive, especially if you don't care about availability, since that's what RAID is really for after all.
  2. I'd just like to make it clear I completely agree with all opinions expressed in my signature links

  3. h264

    audio phrases help

    think food network for nerds. The reality is who knows what any of them mean, and it depends on the person giving the review. They have specific definitions to audio engineers, however:
  4. Flac is supported on ALL Android phones. More Beats audio by another name, clearly.
  5. h264

    Fostex TH-600 Review

    So this is one of the only brands of headphones that a lot of people spoke highly of which I didn’t own a headphone. By that brand, I mean Denon, but of course this headphone is not a Denon headphone. I’ve heard a lot about the Denon AH-D2000, 5000, and 7000 even before I got into headphones. Unfortunately, I decided to buy AKG headphones instead and found out the hard way that many of these headphones can quickly slip into the past once tastes change. Denon decided in early 2013 to completely drop their line of “high performance” headphones and instead released a line of decidedly beats-like plastic garbage from China. While I can’t speak to the drivers, the “music-maniac” line is not something that interests me as it looks exactly like most modern fashion headphones: cheap. The online headphone fandom is decidedly a world of brand fanboys, and it’s no secret that this sudden discontinuation has driven the price of new in-box Denon headphones up sky-high until recently. The only alternative to scouring Ebay and the flea market to find a pair is to buy a model from their OEM manufacturer who in this case is Fostex. What really got me interested in Fostex was the T50RP, which was one of the most popular mod-able headphones up until it’s discontinuation a few months ago. I tried out a pair of Tyler’s modded Fostex for about 8 hours last year, and while I found it to be very bass heavy and not to my taste I liked the overall build of the headphone, so I thought I might give another pair from them a try. The Fostex TH-600 is indeed a well-built headphone, and it had better be at an MSRP of $1500, and a common sale price of around $500. I has a very thick headband that terminates into two solid pieces of machined metal that float on two pegs offset to the very rear end of the headband. It’s a very unique design for providing that extra degree of freedom to the cups, which are themselves machined metal as well. The only two things I know for sure are plastic on the whole headphone are two clips that contain screw holes on the headphone and the ring on which the swivel braces are attached. The ear pads are pretty comfortable, but it’s not exceptionally comfortable or anything. The sound is a pretty traditional v shape, with very well defined highs and lows and pretty subdued mids. The music sounds farther away and yet the bass and treble are pretty “in your ears” so to speak. The bass complement is about the only thing overly bassy about these headphones, so I get where they come from when they say this is a bass heavy headphone, but I don’t think it’s exaggerated except for around 600-800 Khz. Highs are ironically this headphone’s strong point, but I’m afraid at this price point you’d expect a little bit better, even from a closed headphone in controlling the bass complement. Overall this headphone is priced fairly … at the super Massdrop “Inventory clearance” price of $520 I paid for this pair. I hear razor dog audio offers coupons that bring it down to $500 plus shipping, but either way it feels like I actually paid full retail price for this headphone at a 66% discount. I think it says something pretty jarring about just how high the prices have risen on boutique headphones since 2008 and the introduction of the $1500 price locked Sennheiser HD800, that another headphone could come along 5 years later with the same MSRP and not even be a flagship design. My great fear is this headphone bubble is about to come crashing down on itself and in the process take with it some very worthy headphone companies that bet too much on the audiophile and fashion headphone craze. It may already be happening, even, given some of the steep discounts and the advent of Massdrop’s group buying. NOTE: I've seen at least 5 different MSRPs for this headphone, but given head-fi's original images of the headphone specs from the website it seems the ORIGINAL MSRP was $1300. It's a big difference, I know. Massdrop may be telling the truth still, so I won't say they artificially jacked up the MSRP to make it seem like a bigger deal, but you're thinking it now, aren't you?
  6. h264

    Amp for HD 598

    Is it not loud enough with what you have?
  7. 1. Not unless you turn them up too loud 2. The ones you are looking at are fine 3. You mean an amp for if they aren't loud enough. Only if you want the DT990 600 Ohm version. The 250 Ohm version should barely be OK with most of them. The HD 598 won't be a problem.
  8. My tags are always funny. Check my other threads.
  9. Edit: yeah, forget it, it's just a double post, basically.
  10. I'd rather use foobar through wine at the moment. deadbeef has potential, however.
  11. >no deadbeef, exaile, or amaroK clearly still not the year of the Linux desktop
  12. The stock HE-500 cable is an unruly twisted pair disaster (although functional and sturdy). If you can find something more flexible on eBay for cheap, go for it. Just don't buy one of those $500 nonsense cables.
  13. You'll get more volume, and that's really about it. Once the amp is audibly transparent you're just hearing the brushed aluminum finish and tube lights while you admire your new toy. If you just want a portable clean amp you can trust, the E10K is fine as far as I know, but I've never owned one, just the old E10 which is good except my volume pot has oxidized enough that it scratches when I adjust the volume. I take mine on a plane every week though, so it takes more abuse than a normal person would give it. I'd really just use the onboard though unless you really MUST buy something.
  14. lol, well, that's a good way around my recent laziness, anyways. Either way, nobody's gonna look at it.
  15. h264

    Custom IEMs :D

    You mean there are people who AREN'T experts on everything on the internet? /s
  16. Just like Internet Aristocrat everyone follows certain patterns, even on the internet.
  17. Bitches don't know about muh Miophones. Bitches don't know about muh doujin collection.
  18. HE-500s are just as good, and you might actually be able to replace the pads on the HE-500s. *LCD-2 owner (on my head right now)
  19. h264

    Audio Question

    You think the HD558s are MORE uncomfortable than plether pads? That's a rare opinion right there. Yeah, I keep writing these silly parody reviews trying to impress upon people that it's not as big of a difference as they think. I actually have a review I've gotta write up soon concerning a certain pair of headphones and that notion. One of these days I'll stop being lazy and just do it.
  20. h264

    Audio Question

    you could kick that sample rate up as high as it will go, but it's not gonna change much besides the noise level and the dynamic range about 1% on average
  21. 1. Yes. They completely surround mine, but no idea how big your dumbo flaps are. They do touch my ears, but it's not uncomfortable. 2. Yes, it affects the bass response a hell of a lot. If you like a "natural" bass sound with a lot of "bloom" (that's very low frequency response), you'll like this headphone. It's a normal Beyer V shaped sound signature. Lots of highs, lots of lows, less mids. 3. It's one of the better "soundstaged" headphones I know which is why I recommend it so much for people who want dual game/music headphones. Everything sounds very well placed as the drivers are well angled. If soundstage is really the most important thing to you, the AKG K7 is a better option. 4. They ARE plethor pads, but they have a breathable mesh lining on the bottom which makes them very comfortable over even long periods of time, but I still get sweaty in the summer. 5. thatsnazzyiphoneguy is convinced it sounds terrible. I'm convinced it sounds like a Beyerdynamic headphone, only more advanced and with 21st century drivers. Trust me or him, I don't care. Between these and the Sennheiser HD558s for what you want? If gaming is more important than audio, the Sennheisers. They have better pads for longer sessions. If audio, then the Beyers. Up to you, they're both good headphones. I'd just look for a replacement cable for the HD558s because the one it comes with is incredibly unruly. I got my COPs on Ebay.
  22. http://www.head-fi.org/t/737642/fulla-by-schiit-news-photos-thoughts-impressions-etc/210#post_11107225 it's even worse than that, some of the early units have the wrong part installed in the DAC.
  23. no directly. More of a note about Linus mentioning driver over-excursion in his quote in a funny way.