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  1. I've had two coolermaster mwe golds die on me within months, I honestly don't think i want to touch another one. My main pc has a seasonic in it and has lasted me for 3 years now.
  2. anything under 350aud, no graphics card.. ryzen 3 3200g 16gb ram requirements at least 8 sata connections, that link master disaster gave above is quite useful, i've been looking at it. Any suggestions is welcome. EDIT: i want something that will last me a long time, not 4 months... and the pc will be on 24/7. So something efficient and will last very long. Am currently looking at this, although seems a little overkill with 750w. https://www.mwave.com.au/product/seasonic-ssr750px-focus-plus-750w-platinum-modular-power-supply-ac08154
  3. Hi Guys, I currently have a ryzen build with 4HDDs and 1 ssd about 30tb worth of storage space. I'm mainly using the machine for Plex, watching movies and tv shows. Anyway it was using a coolermaster mwe 650w psu... was going good for 4 months and it has now died on me. Previously I also had a coolermaster mwe but 550w and that died on me as well. Does anyone else have bad experiences with coolermaster MWE powersupplies? I'm really only just going for these powersupplies because they are able to handle 8 or so sata connections. Can you guys give me any other suggestions for power supplies with at least 8 sata connections. I'm 100% sure the issue is my power supply because i literally just plugged in a spare thermaltake psu i had lying around and the pc booted fine. I'am very sure it was not caused by any error in installing components on my part, the pc is also connected into a UPS cyberpower and both are on 24/7. Are these coolermaster mwe powersupplies just known for crappy quality or something?
  4. like the title says, what do you guys think? an i7 7700k stock to i9 10900k stock. Purely mainly for gaming at 1440p 165hz and 4k 60hz
  5. tuunade98

    r70x vs hd600

    im currently using a schiit stack, modi 2 uber and a magni 2. Don't really like the idea of tube amps.
  6. tuunade98

    r70x vs hd600

    i currently have a r70x and am finding the treble to be too much for the music i listen to(hip hop, rap, electronic). I'm just wondering what would the hd600 be like for these genre of music?
  7. lol good to know. Better then spending 500 - 600aud for a new pair of headphones and finding out it sounds alomst the same as a pair of headphones i currently have. Glad i posted this.
  8. At the moment im using a schiit magni 2 and modi 2 uber(forgot which is which, the dac is the uber version for the extra ports and optical). I currently have the audio technica ad2000x, audiotechnica r70x and ad900x. I'm looking for something with almost the same mids and high's but with more bass. I don't want it to be too bassy, but I want it to have at least some bass to enjoy bassy music like for example bazanji - fed up or justin stone 4am. I've been looking at the sennheiser hd650s but not 100% sure about them, would you guys recommend the hd650s for what I want? or is there anything else that can work with a schit stack that you guys would recommend? It doesn't have to have as good high's and vocals as the audio technicas(I understand you gotta compromise somewhere to have what you want). In the end those type of songs i listed doesn't particularly sound that great anyway with very good highs or vocal focused headphones like the audio technicas. If this helps at all, a while ago i had the hd600s. Ended up selling them as i got bored of them pretty quick.
  9. i've made up my mind and going to get the q75r 65inch, also known as the q70 series in the US. This tv is for my dad's area and his pc that he will be using with it is kind of shit, the one with the gtx 1050 in it. So I'm considering a nvidia shield pro. Lucky though my personal pc i7 7700k+ 2080 ti will be good for the time being until i can get my dad a more permanent solution like the nvidia shield. At the moment with my personal setup i'm using windows 10 HDR on a lg 32ud99 4k HDR monitor and it ain't so bad. Thank you guys for your replies. What are your thoughts on the nvidia shield pro?
  10. does anyone have any of these TVs(i guess size shouldn't matter) with plex and a receiver capable of at least dolby truehd and dts-hdma? Reason I ask is that I'm considering buying a Q75r or Q80r samsung QLED tv and want to know whether or not the audio pass through on the plex app is any good? I want to avoid using nvidia shield or pc if at all possible... At the moment I have a pc with a gtx1050 in it with plex using a receiver for audio via hdmi. Problem is the gtx 1050 doesn't seem to be too good for HDR content, so i'm hoping the plex app on the samsung TVs will be good enough to handle dolby truehd, dts-hdma and HDR10(at least) content?
  11. I just set igpu memory to 128MB it refuses to boot, i set it to 1gig and it still refuses to boot... Starting to get really annoyed with ryzen tbh, never had t his much problems with intel. It is a hit and miss, sometimes it boots other times it doesn't. Would you guys know what could cause this?
  12. no worries, I spent over 2 hours until i figured it out. Ryzen just doesn't like old windows which makes sense.
  13. ok so i managed to fix my problem. The windows 10 installation i had on my usb stick was quite old and because of that it was extremely unstable with ryzen. I created a new bootable usb with media creation tool and it seemed to come with a much more recent version of windows 10, everything runs fine now... hmm what would you recommend me set it to? considering this is like a NAS kinda thing or server, i will rarely ever use the onboard gpu. Onboard GPU will strictly just be for troubleshooting purposes.
  14. Is this what you guys wanted? Ram stick isn't in motherboard QVL list, https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Memory/DDR4/74164-F4-2666C19S-8GNT. Could this actually cause the issue?
  15. Is there any way at all to avoid this? what If i don't have anything plugged into the onboard graphidcs(hdmi port or display port on back of mobo)