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  1. Hello, My roommate just got access to 13 Optiplex machines with i7-3770's. Is there anything cool that could be done with all these machines before selling them?
  2. Need more money mate. You can rig something playable together for like $300-400 if you know where to look.
  3. You can use controllers on PC. Though it is a pain in the ass.
  4. Use something non conductive to wash it off. Let it dry completely.
  5. I have no important data and it isn't at my home.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a system with an i7-3770, 8GB of RAM, and a decent SSD. I can throw more storage into it if I really want. I recently got access to 1000Mbps synchronous. All of this at $0 monthly for me. What would you suggest I do? I was thinking maybe a small file hosting site that deletes files after 5 minutes. I would love to host a game server, but it is hard to get players on anything.
  7. So many people get caught because the total number of players is so high. The average cheater goes on UC and downloads the first free thing they find, so they get banned by VAC or Overwatch if they're blatant. If you have enough brains to google how the anti cheat actually works, you are golden.
  8. Like I said, after you get SMFC and every lobby has a blatant cheater (how SMFC actually is) it gets boring. The game itself is broken enough that Valve made trust factor of new accounts default to bad, just to keep the current player base happy. And yes, there is literally a hacker in over 50% of matches at higher ranks. I don't need to justify cheating as it is against other cheaters and is not immoral. Why are you so against cheating against other cheaters? These are community servers meant for HVH that have VAC disabled. If I didn't HVH I wouldn't even play the game at all. Vac is a terrible anti-cheat. It is EXTREMELY easy to cheat with a guarantee of no ban. VAC only does signature analysis, so all you have to do is compile public source with a different signature and you have a permanently undetected cheat assuming you do not share it.
  9. Cheating does involve skill when it is against other cheaters. Because there is a cheater in every game because VAC is shit. And I got to SMFC legit and then got bored.
  10. You seem a little braindead. Did you even read my post? Nope. I mean actual gameplay mechanics introduced by cheats.
  11. I want large SPL Yes, I know. Was wondering if I would get higher SPL with the IB sub. I'll put it in WinISD but I've decided on the SSD. I've been planning to build the box the whole time.
  12. Hi, I am having trouble picking between two subwoofers. http://www.ficaraudio.com/product/ib3-series-ib318-v2/ http://www.ficaraudio.com/product/ssd-series-ssd18/ Every spec of the IB3 seems better except it is half the wattage? Also it is an IB sub so it is inverted, not sure how that effects anything.
  13. I cheat in CS:GO. I play in HVH servers and disable VAC using a startup command. I completely agree that cheating against legit players is not fun and is a dick move. Playing against other cheaters is really fun because it is an even playing field, there is so much knowledge and skill involved that you wouldn't even imagine.
  14. Most people have one, whether it be caffeine or cocaine.
  15. It would be a bottleneck. Get a CPU and a GPU. My friend has an i3-4130 and a 1070 and it's not great.
  16. The record on a single server was 1200, but it definitely is significantly more than 200 average.
  17. IMO get a refurbished OG Pixel on Amazon for ~$230 or a Oneplus 5/5T (Swappa) if your carrier is GSM.
  18. There is a picture of me on the computer at two years old. Not sure how I accomplished that or what I was possibly doing.
  19. Look at CompTia, Cisco, and Microsoft certs. And then decide what will be the most relevant to you.