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  1. infamous_last

    Nvidia Couldn't Stop This...

    Anyone played with NVemulate to see if you can make the cheapo Nvidia cards simulate a real card and register as GSync? How about simulating GPU hardware in a visualised environment?
  2. infamous_last

    Kodi is getting a UWP version and is coming to Xbox One soon

    UWP version of Kodi has been out a while? I installed it 4-6 weeks ago? I'm sure its not ready for Xbox but it definitely already exists.
  3. infamous_last

    What should I review next?

    It's been a few weeks since Linus has done an overkill video... http://amfeltec.com/products/pci-express-carrier-board-for-m-2-ssd-modules/ Basically gives you 4x m.2 slots (PCIe!) on a single PCIe x16 card (x4 to each m.2). RAID 0 a a handful of 960 pros anyone ? Would make a neat OS drive or cache on UnRAID haha
  4. I have a HyperX predator (m.2/PCIe) running just fine on x58 (asus gene iii). NVMe based drives I would put in the too hard basket, but I have read it is achievable with effort. UEFI is only really needed for NVMe driver (boot) support, but not all m.2/PCIe ssds are NVMe (such as the predator).
  5. infamous_last

    Will the i7-950 bottlenecks ...

    If your system has an SSD you should be good to go. May need to OC your CPU to +4GHz to keep everything running smooth Alternatively, most consumer x58 boards support 6 core xeons which can be picked up cheap (x5650 or x5670 is my pick), this will run far better IMO
  6. Know exactly what your after... I've tried a couple of win10 UWP apps, but haven't found one that maximises within the app yet. Hack solution is to zoom in browser, preferably with "cinema mode" on
  7. infamous_last

    System won't boot after GPU Waterblock install

    Its a PITA to swap the 780 in as it has AIO 280mm rad squeezed into node 304... do have a radeon 5450 in my HTPC which will probably be easier to move for testing... will give that a go. The case was new, so everything has been pulled apart a few times since it was working on the test bench to get working, so not just a simple pull and replace. I've tried both cards by themselves on either x16 slot with no change in behaviour so far.
  8. infamous_last

    System won't boot after GPU Waterblock install

    Yes, used it for 6+ months with a cpu air cooler and its factory gpu cooler on a test bench (e.g. cardboard box) before starting the custom loop build.
  9. infamous_last

    System won't boot after GPU Waterblock install

    had already accounted for that unfortunately.
  10. infamous_last

    System won't boot after GPU Waterblock install

    It is supported with firmware update and has already run with all this hardware on air. I have a second PC with single 780 running the same RAM / CPU / MOBO
  11. OK guys this is frustrating me so I thought I'd throw it out to the forum for some other things to check. After many many years with PCs I decided to build my first custom water loop PC. Main parts list consists of 2x Gigabyte G1 gaming 980ti - EKWB WF3 GPU block + back plate. Rampage Gene III + x5670 (Xeon / LGA1366) EVGA 1000W PSU Currently I've got everything up and running but the PC won't post with PCIE power attached, but will post with no external power (with the normal no power connected warning), or I've also found only either 1 only plugged in . Stripped down one of the cards and nothing changes, tried either with no backplate no difference, each card individually also. No noticeable damage to either card, everything worked on air prior. Hoping I've missed something simple...
  12. infamous_last

    Still no responses on my corsair k95 RMA -__-

    Tried that a few days ago haha. Any way looks like raising it on their support forum gave the desired effect.
  13. infamous_last

    Still no responses on my corsair k95 RMA -__-

    Same boat, put in an RMA ticket 7 days ago, not a peep back. Have posted in the corsair support forums to see if I get any love on the issue. Kinda annoying when you see posts from people that have completed the whole RMA process in 2-3 days.
  14. infamous_last

    I have no desktop...

    In task manager go File > Run new task and type in explorer.exe If that doesn't bring everything up, kill all instances of explorer.exe and then try and run it again. If it truly gone you'll probably have to do a repair via install media.
  15. infamous_last

    VPN Questions For Assignment

    Examples of practical uses: Internet privacy via paid or free service. Bypassing geoblocking for accessing content restricted to certain regions i.e. accessing full Netflix library, government restrictions to specific websites (such as China) Connecting to work network (i.e. from home) to be able to work from home while accessing your company PC or associated networked resources. Connecting to home network from work, friends house or while travelling. Probably useful to talk about the different protocols and what some basic differences are.