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Mathew Vismer

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  • Birthday 1990-10-09

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    Cape Town South Africa
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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 GD-65 Gaming
  • RAM
    8 Gigs Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 780ti
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 750D
  • Storage
    128Gig Trancend SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX750M
  • Display(s)
    Samsung SA550
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Gigabyte Aivia K8100
  • Mouse
    Cobra E-Blue
  • Sound
    Yamaha HS50M
  1. Hellooo! After many many years of gaming on Windows I decided to move to Mac's, (The reasoning is for another time) Im currently playing CS GO on a new Mac-cook pro 15" and have been pulling my hair out trying to find software that will let me monitor my temperatures and clocks while playing games. If you know of a Mac alternative to Afterburner, please please please post down below. aaah-thankyou!
  2. Mathew Vismer

    0 RPM On Msi Boards

    How would i go about setting it to DC? In the BIOS? I would like to have the option where the fans turn off automatically depending on thermals like what happens in AI Suit.
  3. Mathew Vismer

    0 RPM On Msi Boards

    Hello ladies and Gents. I have a MSI Z87 GD 65 Gaming board and i am frustrated with the fan noise and limited speeds i can set. The lowest i can set the fans to is "50%" around 500 to 600 RPM. All of my fans are Corsair AF and SP Quiet editions. I have tried "fan speed" and i feel like the software isnt that user friendly, eg i can set the fan speed to 0 but i would like to to ramp up when i start a game or start slowly raising the RPM when needed. I am actually at the point of getting a ASUS Z87/Z97 board just to have this functionality. I would like to know if there is a way to set the fans in a similar way to the asus boards with "Fan Expert" As im sure i cant be the only noise freak on this forum im sure this will help more than just myself. All constructive feedback is appreciated.
  4. Mathew Vismer

    debug LED on MSI Z87-GD65

    How do we Get the Debug LED's to show the temps on the Z87 GD65? I have the latest version V1.10 and it doesnt show. Is it a setting in the bios? Or will there have to be a new bios to get that feature? :huh:
  5. Mathew Vismer

    Paint an SSD?

    Check this out guys, VERY cool mod and it doesn't look to complicated.
  6. Mathew Vismer

    Obsidian 750D upgrade and Big Boy Shoes

    So... update time. A few things have happened since the last time i posted here. Firstly, i picked one of these up And man oh man, i will never have another membrain keyboard again, i got the K70 with Cherry MX Blues. Then my Cables arrived, well most of them, i am still waiting on the 2 x 8pin GPU cables (Hopefully they will be here on thursday) I have to say that these BitFenix cables are top quality. A few days after that I found a deal I couldn't pass up. So this ugly green thing came out And got replaced by a AX1200i (WHICH IS RED!!! , that i found for an absolute steal so my friend and I drove down the coast to go pick it up. All matching red now (besides the RAM) but thats going to get sorted VERY soon. Once i have the rest of my Braided cables and red RAM ill update this thread again. PEACE!
  7. Mathew Vismer

    MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming No post leds

    Good Day All. SO my PC was running fine for ages now and i decided to get braided cables. Installed them last night (everything was fine) then this morning when i turned it on all the crap hit the fan. Some of my fans plugged directly into the MOBO dont spin, i dont get any post LEDs and the system will power up ( without the screen turning on ) for about 5 seconds then switch off, then the cycle repeats. I have no idea whats wrong. could the board be fried? Could i have a faulty power supply? PLEASE HELP!
  8. Mathew Vismer

    Obsidian 750D upgrade and Big Boy Shoes

    So a little birdy told me that the upgrade is TODAY! So stoked for you my man, main man .
  9. Mathew Vismer

    0 RPM Fan Software

    Finally got the software to get my fans to stop, i have to say that the software is quite complex or maybe its my dumb brain. lol . Thanks a lot Flying Potato!
  10. Mathew Vismer

    Asus GtX 780 Ti DCU II no reviews

    I have had my GTX780TiCUII for a few weeks now and i LOVE IT! its crushing benches and IT IS SO QUIET. if you are deciding id definitely recommend it! I havent had any issues with low FPS in ANY games and the look has grown on me now. DAT BACK PLATE DOU!
  11. Mathew Vismer

    0 RPM Fan Software

    Good Day All. This is quite a strange request but i was hoping to get some tips or advice on how i can get my AF140 fans to 0 RPM below a specified temperature? I have 3 of them plugged into my MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming board. I have a H100i on the CPU and a GTX 780Ti DCUii, so those components arent going to be getting warm whilst browsing webpages or backing up data. I would like to be able to turn those 3 aforementioned fans off under a desired thermal value for less noise. I know there are a few products on the market that can do it but they are all HARDWARE and i don't want to have to go that route as i have a 750D and we all know how silly 3.5" devices look in those elongated bays. If you know of any software that can do it please let me know or even better, if there is a way to remapping the MSI Command Centre Software that would be great. I read a very good article about someone remapping AI Suit to get 0 RPM when desired, so i dont think its to much to ask. Anyways, hit me up and bequeath your knowledge unto me!
  12. Mathew Vismer

    corsair link stopped working

    I had the same issue, Null values, crazy ghost fans, Corsair Link not picking up my CPU temp. but after i installed NET Framework 3.5 all the issues were resolved. I hope this helps you out man. I LOVE Corsair product and stand by them, it sucks to hear someone having an issue like this.
  13. So glad about this. I currently have a 4670K and i was looking to upgrade to the 4770K but now i think ill hold out a while to get the refresher.
  14. Mathew Vismer

    Individually sleeved cables, IN'S AND OUT'S

    WOW their work looks incredible but the issue is that I live in South Africa and importing is just far to expensive. I will be paying more for the import costs than the actual product if I bought from this site.
  15. Hello all. So i am in a bit of a pickle, I want braided cables and im not sure what route to go down. I really like the BitFenix workmanship and the overall quality of their cables but my supplier here in South Africa wont have what in stock for a while. So now I will have to get another brand such as NZXT or Corsair, which in my opinion dont have the same quality when it comes the the finish of the braid. So my question is ... Would you guys (and girls) be able to post some pictures of your builds if you have sleeved cabling as well as details on how long you have had them on your rig so i can gauge how they hold up. For the guys that do their own sleeving, could you please post pictures as to the process you took and a level of difficulty on the job. Let the posting Commence! B)