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    The language of clandestinity can intoxicate


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    i7 3930k 4.0ghz 1.2v (lows of 0.8v)
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    Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
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    Corsair Dominator 2133mhz 16gb Quad Channel
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti H20
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    Silverstone Temjin TJ11 costom modded
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    Intel 520 60gb
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    Silverstone Strider 1000w
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    Custom H2O loop
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    Logitech MX620
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    Well lets see now. I believe that a judge of character can only be fully realized by those observing, not by the one being observed.
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  1. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for being proud of an ancient 760ti
  2. What song are you listening to right now.

  3. Off topic chit chat

    I get it, very clever indeed. Nice choice in ice-cream flavor too ;-). Are you a 3 in 1 or a seasoned miner?
  4. Gaming less as getting older? :(

    To be honest I don't think it's you, but rather it's the industry as a whole. There has been so many titles lately, infact over the past 5yrs, that have left a sour taste in gamers mouths. For me the latest Star Wars Battlefront game was the cherry on top. People are just tired of these mediocre, quick reward kind of games. Where the preoccupation is with looks and not solid and sustainable gameplay. Also I think this whole "early access" nonsense is furthering the problem. You don't have to look too far to find a game that's either been in early access for a half century, or that is out of early access yet still performs like an Alpha. I really think the game development industry is in real need of some talent. Kids are being recruited straight from college with a wall full of degrees but zero practical skills or knowledge in game development. It doesn't help that the Executives are pushing games to a younger and younger audience, thus impacting the quality for those looking at more of a mature and progressive game experience. Can you blame them though? There is a lot more money in catering to that demographic. The only game I am excited for right now is Sea of Thieves, but will wait till after release and make my decision. Other then that, nothing else is peaking my interest. So you are not alone amigo.
  5. What got you into pc gaming / building?

    I guess it was just a natural progression. We had a Mac way back in the early 90's which played games like Jazz Jack Rabbit, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and some car game, where you would get pulled over and fined by the Police for speeding. But gaming was not like it is today, it wasn't something you did everday for hours on end. Then we got the NES and our next console was the N64 after that. Then I believe we got a computer when 56K internet arrived, so we needed a PC to enjoy the light speed web surfing. Oh boy, recalling how long it took to load up webpages, today's generation would be burning down the house if there was 56K today. After that we all eventually ggot our own PC's and the consoles gathered dust.
  6. Windows 10 keys

    Just buy a windows 7 key and use that. Worked for me. To elaborate further on that, I installed Windows 10 via the ISO which is free to download off of Microsoft. Once installed and in Windows desktop, I went to the activate windows menu, added the CD-KEY and hey presto. I did NOT add the CD-KEY during the install process. ISO: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10
  7. Games you go back to?

    Command & Conquer series
  8. Sea of Thieves (Price?)

    Recently SoT has gotten a lot of attention due to its close release date. It looks like an awesome game, thats really different from any game I've seen. Naturally I looked at buying it, but found a really strange pricing structure. Currently the game sells for $60USD. In my country (Australia) its for sale at $100. Now given the current exchange rate USD > AUD, $60USD = $73AUD. So its very obvious that the prices are vastly different given ones region. Exchange rate isnt even being taken into consideration here. Has anyone else experienced this when buying games? To me it seems grossly unfair to consumers in different countries, having to pay $17 more for the exact same product, even after currency conversion.
  9. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Okay It "APPEARS" I have found a solution, had I thought of this first thing I could of saved a world of time. The 2 Intel SATA 6GB ports seem to be having some conflict with 2 drives plugged in. So I removed 1 drive and plugged it into the GSATA Marvel control port, no ideal...but it worked! The drive is now detected and functioning as it should. So if anyone has the same issue, just use another SATA 6GB port. I tried changing plugs but ONLY to a SATA 3Gb port, which didn't help. While Marvel is not ideal, it will do for the time being until I format. Thanks for your help W7GE!
  10. lets see how we go. Both rads now intake with a fan on one side at the rear that exhausts. The rad on the left takes coolant from pump/res, the rad on the right then feeds it to the system components. Currently doing a quick prime95 test I have a max of 58c with an ambient of 32c @ 3.5ghz 100% 1.212v.
  11. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    So something really strange happened. I plugged the drive into another power cable, did a system restore and hey presto, its back. Reverted back to the old power cable and boom, no dice...drive is undetected again. So I tried the other power plug and it didn't work. The drive has a mind of it's own. Unfortunately I can no longer access that old system restore (no idea why) but it says none have been created. So back to square 1 again. Least I'm positive the drive isn't dead. I was reading that if in a past life you try a RAID setup, which I did, there's residual info left over even in ACHI mode, which causes conflicts. I've formatted the drive numerous times. There's nothing important on the drive, just games. I don't fancy have to install it all again and besides, I can't even format the drive.
  12. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Okay so I tried a different SATA and power cable. The drive is now detected in disk manager and device manager, however its detected as a RAID 0 in divice manager and "unallocated" and not initialized in disk management. Trying to initialize the drive doesn't work. Strange thing though is that its a 55GB drive but its showing as 106GB in disk management. But any progress is progress
  13. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Sigh. This has happened before and I fixed it with a system restore. However that hasn't worked this time. My SSD, which is working as it's detected in BIOS, is showing a blue ? mark symbol over it. There's nothing to access it when I right-click. The drive is not in disk management, it's not in device manager either. I'm at a complete loss one this one and would really appreciate someones help. I have tried the regedit of enabling hidden devices, still doesn't work.
  14. Look that would be the ultimate. The Silverstone TJ11 is a whopping huge case, but sadly the bottom compartment is very lacking in terms of water cooling capacity. Unfortunately there is just nowhere in the bottom to attach any fans, even If I just stood one up "ghetto style" in the bottom compartment.. But thanks for the suggestions, back to square one I guess!
  15. Oh yeah, I see what you're saying. Originally I had FANS > RAD > FANS > RAD > FANS, So there is definitely room as you say for a 1inch or more gap. My concern is with air quality, though both bottom sides of the case have large openings as does the bottom rear too. The bottom pic is how it looked BEFORE I replaced the 240mm with another 360mm