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  1. Dead system?

    So inadvertently you solved the problem. I took the MB out of the case and attempted to power it on...and woolaa, its alive! Then like a bolt of lightening I remembered something. In the top right corner of my MB, where the screw going into the standoff, the area surrounding that screw hole is shorting out. Whenever i mount a screw in there the system won't power on. However when I remove the screw the system boots. The area around that hole looks burnt and it sparks with a screw in there. So I placed a little rubber ring between the back of the MB and that standoff...but have not put a screw back in.
  2. Dead system?

    Well the system hasn't been powered on for nearly 2months...so any residual power should be long gone. But I made sure to discharge the system prior to disassemble. I haven't checked for a current on CMOS...I will try that and tye flexing. Also I will take the board out of the case and to see if the case is the issue. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. It looks like my motherboard is dead (specs in signature). My system is from 2012, right up until disassembly for a new case it worked fine. However upon assembling the PC I'm no longer getting any power from the board. Ive been building PCs for over a decade with not a single hardware failure. Theres no light, no sounds, no smells...nothing. The fans and pump turn on and function as they should however. I have tried taking out the ram, GPU, new PSU cables, jumping the motherboard (incase it was the case connectors) but no luck. I wonder if my cablemod cable extensions killed the system? Never used them previously, but I didn't hear anything 'crack' or 'pop' when I tried power the system. Anyone have any suggestions? Being a watercooled system I previously had fittings that required quite a bit of force to get the tubing in, I noticed there was a bit of flex in the board when I tried to assemble the system. Wonderif that flex has broken something im the boards wafer.... Im stumped on this one.
  4. Can i run two gtx 750ti's in SLI?

    I've got 2 680's if you're interested...
  5. My First Ever Custom PC

    Congrats on the build. Never underestimate building a PC, a lot of folks don't even try it. So welcome to the elite league of system builders 😊
  6. When did the RGB craze became a thing?

    I think it's been a progressive thing, PC lighting. I remember using stamdard LED fans, which had only 3 or 4 LEDs per fan, then you has cathodes and UV. But I'm not too sure when exactly RGB was first incorporated in widespread use. I built my system in 2012 and RGB lighting to my knowledge was either not around or not widespread in usage by manufacturers. I think single color LED light strips etc were however available.
  7. How a geek should ask a sporty girl out......

    Well you can start by not referring to yourself as a "nerd or geek". Gaming and technology are not a niche thing like the were in the 80's, everyones into it today. Secondly, have some confidence but not arrogance....this is a common mistake so many guys make. Don't be afraid to suggest where you want to go or what you want to do. Just be upfront, ask her out (not by text!). Do something fun, go bowling, play minigolf, whatever, just make it a fun date not a job interview. And remember, she's not the only girl on planet earth. So don't go into this thinking ..."omg I can't screw up". You need a level of being nice but not TOO nice, don't drown her with compliments. Talk about school, your interests, her interests. This is why I suggested something that involves "activity", so you aren't there just asking 20 questions. When she talks, take a GENUINE interest in what she says. Just go up to her and say " Hey (insert name here) can I t a ke you out for a coffee, minigolf whatever, I know a great place that makes an awesome coffee". Btw, why do you want to go out with her? Oh and the biggest suggestion...DON'T OVERTHINK IT! If either of you aren't feeling the vibe then don't try to push it or force it why asking 20questions. Judt chill out, say it was nice catching up, maybe we'll do it again some other time. Just be relaxed you know.
  8. Well unfortunately theres no kit that suits my PSU brand or color. I might just have to save up for a replacement kit. Thanks all the same.
  9. Thanks for the feedback W-L, that sounds like a good idea. I wil have a look for those kits, hopefully they come in the color I was looking for and also are compatible with my PSU. Thanks for the link as well, really helpful.
  10. I have a bit of a predicament. CableMod offers an awesome range of sleeved extension and replacement cables. Unfortunately however my budget doesn't allow me to buy a set of sleeved replacement cables, however I can buy their sleeved extension cables. This is where the issue comes in. If I buy their extension cables and add them to my current cables in my build I'll have over 600mm of total cable length for each of my power cables, which is messy and takes up a lot of room. So aside from waiting til I have the funds to buy a set of replacement cables is it possible to convert your extension cables into replacement cables? I would assume all you would need to do if change the pins and connector and ensure the pinout matches your PSU....or would this be more complicated then its worth?
  11. does Linus ever reply to your messages ???

    Yes he does. He replied to my Facebook message way back in 2013..the date and time was 02/26/2013 6:55AM. His reply was " thx ". So yes he does respond...
  12. Fractal Design R6 Build - Lot of pics and vids!

    So much goodness! Love these builds that go into Fractal products. Tell us your camera settings too if you could, would love to steal them from you for when I upgrade my build.
  13. TSO rebuild

    Hi fellow builders/modders of LTT UPGRADING TO: Lian Li PC 0-11 Dynamic (White) CableMod Cables (UV accents) CoolerMaster Universal GPU mount Enermax T.B. RGB case fans x 6 Mayhems Ice Blue UV dye I am hoping to get your feedback on some theme ideas and product quality. The current system case has served me really well, with various mods and additions added to make it my most unique build so far, having said that I'm looking to delve into the UV market along with some new ideas including vertical GPU mount, Enermax Fans and custom cables, as well as hardline tubing...using the bending process. Currently I have on order the Lian Li PC 0-11 DYNAMIC case, in white. Like many folks this is an appealing case to show off your build. Along with this advantage in mind I've decided to go UV, with UV blue dye from Mayhems and UV accented cables from CableMod. To show off my GPU I have decided to try the vertical GPU route as well. So I'm looking to hear from you guys and your experiences with CableMod cables, as I haven't ordered from them but have read they are good quality. I'm looking for cables that are firm and rigid that hold their shape when bent. I will look at getting 1x24pin, 1x6pin and 1x8pin cables from CableMod. On the Vertical GPU route I'm really interested in the CoolerMaster Universal GPU mount, have any of you guys used this mount before and if so how do you find it? Regarding Fans I want to go with the Enermax TB RGB fans, I really love that unique ring design, looks cool and I think would suit the UV theme of my case as it will break up the lighting effects. I know the rest of my parts are pretty dated (2013), except for the GTX 1080Ti, but having spent so much money on this current build I don't have the money to upgrade just yet, so the case and aesthetics is all I'll be doing at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading your opinions on some of the products l have mentioned. Below is the current build, except now I have a GTX 1080 Ti instead of 2 GTX 680's
  14. Shardsedge - Build work in progress

    Whats your plans for the build?