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    i7 3930k 4.0ghz 1.2v (lows of 0.8v)
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    Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
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    Corsair Dominator 2133mhz 16gb Quad Channel
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  1. So there is addressable RGB and standard RGB, most fans you see advertised look "addressable" on the packaging but are not, the Enermax T.B RGB is one such common fan. The addressable RGB fans seemed like a cool thing, I liked the rainbow look, but after a while it gets boring so you just end up turning your fans to standard RGB color modes. I went with the LianLi RGB BORA fans, seem decent for the price you pay and the options of different color modes are plenty. The thing about RGB fans is that if you want you can turn them on or off when ever you feel like, probably the biggest feature to consider when looking for a fan.
  2. cartdog

    Project: Never Alone

    Who did the artwork there? I really love the it and the individuality with the sparkle infused fans, nice work man. Nothing wrong with having a PC designed in your own way. It's easy to fall into the trap of the same same when it comes to building a new system, same RGB bland appearance. I know I fall into that trap myself.
  3. cartdog

    Is it safe to sell on ebay?

    I have sold many things ranging from $10-$200. Sure there's dishonest people, you can't avoid that. Ebays biggest problem for me though is their exorbitant seller fees, so make sure you take this into consideration. It's not much when selling something for a few bucks, but once you start to sell for a few hundred dollars you'll notice the difference. In terms of scams, well take plenty of photos, package things securely and make sure your descriptions are accurate. If you can I would try and sell the parts seperately,, this way if there is an issue you won't be out of pocket for say a whole system.
  4. cartdog

    First custom build!!

    If that is the worst you did in a first build, then thats impressive.
  5. cartdog

    First custom build!!

    For a first build or not, that's nice and clean friend. Well done. Does it live upto your dreams? I only have one observation I just noticed. It looks like all your fans are pushing air out. I mean that won't kill anything but if you wanted to add abit of better airflow you could flip your top fans and turn them into intake, that would work well and would be easier then flipping the fans on the radiator. Plus if you flip the top fans you wont see the ugly back of the fans if you were to flip those on the rad. Good luck and nice work again.
  6. cartdog

    PROJECT AMURO: Gundam Theme Build

    Real nice build man, you did a great job. Who cares about the confusion around the Japanese characters, it's your build so do as you please.
  7. That's all I said in my OP was regarding the approach other YouTubers took in vilifying this video and how their response was irresponsible and unjustified. Users like @Spotty seem to think ridiculing someone because of their inaccuracies is okay and justified because that channel has 2million subs. All you're doing mate is adding to it, you aren't helping any are you? The real stand up guy is Linus. One of the largest tech channels yet he hasn't followed suit in making a public mockery video, even if he might of had a laugh in private, but rather has been humble enough to offer his expertise. Perhaps some of his fans on here that were berating me should take a note of that. Moreover there's plenty of notable YouTubers who made toxic content around this video who themselves have made mistakes in the past with their own builds. Also don't you think you should be taking into consideration The Verges INTENT here. Did they make the video to deliberately confuse and provide misinformation, did they intentionally have the desire to see a new system builder destroy their new build? I highly doubt it. So what warrants your attacks then? Nothing.
  8. Yes I have watched the video from beginning to end. I don't see a different radiator, it's the same Corsair H100 (least that's what it looks like). The layers of thermal paste are not enough to thermal throttle the PC or damage it, no way near enough infact. Thermal paste wont leak into the socket, it's too viscus and there's no room around the chip for it to seep into. Unless he's dumping the entire tube on there then there is no issue, that's proven by the system working. He isn't telling you to "mount the PSU in this orientation" or apply "this amount of thermal paste" or "use fan screws to mount your radiator" he isn't doing any of that. You are all just reading that into it, for whatever reason. He isn't detailing the specifics, he's giving a general guide, so he doesn't really have to get into the accuracy's of the terminologies of pc components. Who cares if he said the PSU could short out on the case, sure that's inaccurate but how is following that advice going to destroy your PC? Even mounting a PSU like that, though not ideal, isn't going to overheat it. These components are very efficient, they aren't nuclear reactors..... A new builder isn't looking or ggoing to see the details like you or me would see, so to point it out as being misinforming to new builders is utterly wrong. If you're a new system builder and you can tell that the cooler isn't mounted properly, then what the heck if the problem? No ones going to watch this video and say "oh, he didn't mount the cooler properly I should do the same". are you kidding me?
  9. Okay fair point there. I searched PC build guide and it wasn't there at all, but obviously different terminologies will give different results. That aside, have you actually watched the video from beginning to end? I have been building gaming PC's for over 15yrs, none of which have failed, so I know a little bit about how it's done. Having said that I don't see anything wrong with this build guide. Sure the terminology for certain parts isn't accurate, like the I/O shield being called a "brace", but none of what he has described or how to do it is going to kill your PC. This guide is designed for newcomers who don't know what an I/O shield is or what a PCI slot is. It's really pathetic to see people who haven't even watched the video jumping on the bandwagon. Tell me, if you've watched the video tell me what part of it is so fundamentally wrong that it's going to ruin your PC? A great example of ScienceStudios response, he laughs and says the builder doesn't use the "CPU installer tool" but clearly in the video you can see him using it.
  10. There's a million guides on YouTube that have a far higher viewer record and status then that of The Verges video, so any person coming to YouTube for a PC build guide isn't going to easily find The Verges guide as they might say LinusTechTips or Bitwit for example. You try it yourself....search in YouTube a topic related to PC build guide, you won't find The Verge near the top. My OP was just a comment, you seem to think that it's a final comment set in stone, it's just a fleeting thought. If you're going to however take my comment as gospel then yes, there are some very big YouTubers who pull pranks on their fans and have become quite popular as a result of those videos, McJuggerNuggets is one that comes to mind.
  11. It's completely fine for people to be held accountable, but it's the MANNER in which a person goes about such criticism. Influential content creators not only have a responsibility to address issues they see but do so in a constructive manner. Instead of bashing on The Verge how about constructively giving advice on an alternative...as opposed to scoffing and mocking them. Hows that going help? Moreover how is it "self-righteous" to have an opinion? You see in your eyes its okay for these YouTubers to mock and make fun of another channel, irrespective of that channels content accuracy, but when they are called out in the approach they take for their criticism that somehow seems unwarranted to you. That perhaps they too shouldn't be held to a "standard" as you so pointedly put it. I think you're a bit two-faced my friend, either that of you've got too much time on your hands and don't really think before you speak (or type) as is the case.
  12. At this point whether it was troll or not is irrelevant. It's still shown up some content creators as nothing more then glorified system builders full of spite, jealousy and childish antics. I would be really surprised if Linus did such a video making fun of this build guide, I think he's well above that.
  13. People are so predictable. All these YouTubers and others crawling down The Verges throat because of their PC build guide. What if they made the video purely to troll and see the reaction of other content creators in the industry? The reaction to this build guide really shows how toxic and childish some YouTubers and others are, it's really pathetic. If it was say a non-influential YouTuber who made this video and all the big YouTubers started laughing at his build guide, they'd be called out as total d***s. But because The Verge is a somewhat influential channel its okay to make fun of the guide. I don't even know who The Verge are but I'm purely basing my opinions on comments here and from others such as ScienceStudio