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    i7 3930k 4.0ghz 1.2v (lows of 0.8v)
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    Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
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    Corsair Dominator 2133mhz 16gb Quad Channel
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti H20
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    Silverstone Temjin TJ11 costom modded
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    Intel 520 60gb
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    Silverstone Strider 1000w
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    Custom H2O loop
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    Logitech MX620
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  1. Shardsedge - Build work in progress

    Whats your plans for the build?
  2. Purple Heart Build feat. PC O11 Dynamic

    Such a good looking build shouldn't be legal. Nice subtle use of lighting with the LED fans. You crammed a lot in but it doesn't look overwhelming. Well done amigo.
  3. New Guy

    On behalf of Linus he would like to personally welcome you to the forums.
  4. Just saying hi

    Howdy back at you. Welcome.
  5. Ways to help Cluster Headache

    Stop looking at artificial light sources, ie: TV, smart devices etc. If that doesn't help, you might need to see someone.
  6. Its Tradition. The Royals biggest business is selling themselves and thus ensuring their survival, though as new generations come those that revere them do so more out of curiosity and gossip then out of respect, as their parents might have done. I'm happy that the two boys have found someone to love and care for, despite being born into privilege William and Harry seem like genuine men, no doubt as a result of their mothers influence. Diana is another reason why people take interest in The Royals and would be there to show their support for her children.
  7. Question - how to reach Linus?

    Linus is very interactive with all his 5.8Million subscribers. In fact I still keep the Facebook message reply he sent me, it was short and sweet with just a simple "thx" to a message of appreciation I sent him way back in 2013. So give it a whirl, you may just get lucky. Good luck.
  8. Lian Li o11 dynamic

    I contacted a sales manager from Lian Li and this is his reply regarding Australian stock...."The current est. delivery is set by end of May which will be arriving AU around 1st-2nd week of June". They are regularly updating folks via Facebook. Hopefully they have enough stock to fill the orders, being that the shipment is coming via sea I would say this is the "case". I have almost hesitated buying the Dynamic and instead opted for the Alpha 550X from Lian Li, but I will see if these cases indeed do arrive first.
  9. Any advice on losing weight?

    It's simple. Heres the TRUTH about weight loss. All it is is calories IN vs calories OUT. Put less calories in your body then it needs, it will be forced to burn fat reserves. No exercise required, however exercise should be about fitness NOT weight loss. STEP 1: Download "My Fitness Pal" on your mobile device STEP 2: Work out your required calories (age, height, activity level) http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html STEP 3: Based on the above calorie requirement, eg: 2400cal per day, subtract 200cal. Thus limiting total daily intake to 2200cal/day This is known as a "caloric deficit", meaning you're burning more fuel then you're putting in. So the body over time will start to use fat reserves. As time goes on you will need to further limit your calories to maintain gradual weight loss, dropping incrementally at levels of 200cal until you reach your desired weight goal. Don't just go nuts and cut your calories in half, for it to be sustainable in the long run slow is best. Its as simple as that. Eat what you wish but just stay within that calorie range and you'll lose weight.
  10. What matters here is HOW he says his greeting, this will give you an indication of whether he is asking a question or making an observation. Often times we say things worded like "questions" but really all it is is a vocalization of an inner thought. I guess the premise here is to not over analyze his greeting or your response to it. Being an older gentlemen I would assume this is purely a greeting and not him necessarily looking for your opinion on a matter. Perhaps too he is looking for a little banter, a back and forth or some "tongue in cheek". You could go all out on him and give your opinion on a matter that you have knowledge on, have a bit of fun with it sometimes. I find these older guys are great friends to have in the work place, with knowledge and experience and often a killer sense of humor. Maybe he's just trying to reach out, so reach back and don't be too serious.
  11. LTT should expand

    That's a very defeatest attitude. Look at Amazon, started by a man in a small office with just himself, a computer and knowledge of what people NEED. PayPal was the same, driven by customer needs. So it's entirely possible to start an online retail business for afew hundred dollars. Alibaba has given many people a profitable business with only a small initial startup cost. Do research into products people want and need, buy them cheap and sell them on. Look at fidget spinners, classic example. Buy in bulk and sell cheap, skin care and health products are another example. A young man in my country is making hundreds of thousands selling baby formular to Chinese customers, just regular off the shelf baby formular. He's running his business out of his home. Another guy is selling health detox teas etc, very small setup cost but is now earning him buckets of cash. People think TOO BIG. The majority of consumer products are small and cheap. So it's not naive at all, it's very possible and many people are doing it. Do research into what people want and need, buy a few hundred dollars worth of product, sell with a small mark up and away you go. The real key to making big bucks is MULTIPLE products, thus widening your consumer audience.
  12. LTT should expand

    You know Linus comes across as a "casual" business guy, but he's a very savvy and intelligent business man, as is the team with him. We'd all love to see LMG continue to grow and expand and who know's, Linus might very well have some kind of customer orientated business model in the works, even if it's just on paper. If you look at some of his projects, he's definitely displayed the characteristics of development, with all the crazy builds and things he does. One thing about Linus though that separates him from all his counterparts in the YouTube scene, he is VERY diverse. He doesn't stick to on spectrum such as reviews, unboxing's, mods etc...he does it all, I think that Is why he is so popular, oh and he's a pretty cool guy too ;-). So I would say taking into consideration all his videos, their context and content, Linus expands every single day the team uploads a new video. It's always something different. And in a way, he is generating revenue from his many ideas we see in the videos. Revenue from new sponsors, viewers, partnerships etc who see his YouTube content and want to invest in LMG.
  13. [Project] - NOIS3D - NZXT s340 --> FINISHED

    Well done man, nice to see it has turned out how you like it. The SLi bride is a nice addition too, it all ties in well. Don't take this as a criticism, because it's not, but what do you think of having a 90° fitting coming from the mid-plate and a 90° fitting coming from the inlet of the bottom GPU and a piece of tubing connecting the two? A straight run running horizontal to the mid plate. I don't know if that is possible but I'm sure you've already considered it.