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    Well lets see now. I believe that a judge of character can only be fully realized by those observing, not by the one being observed.
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    i7 3930k 4.0ghz 1.2v (lows of 0.8v)
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    Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
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    Corsair Dominator 2133mhz 16gb Quad Channel
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti H20
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    LianLi 011-DYNAMIC (white)
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    Intel 520 60gb
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    Silverstone Strider 1000w
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    Custom H2O loop
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    Logitech MX620
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  1. cartdog

    Case fans running at full speed

    Well theres a few solutions. If they are PWM fans (4pins) then you can use a program called SpeedFan to control their speed, but they must be connected to a splitter to make the process easier. There is also molex voltage splitters you can buy. They have 3 x 3pin headers coming from a single molex header, with various voltages 5v, 7v or 12v. The lower the voltage the lower the fan speed. A 3rd option is similar to the second, you can buy a fan hub that has voltage regulators on it. Bitspower makes one 3 9 x 3pin headers....giving you 3x5v, 3x7v and 3x12v. Its abit of a muck around but you could power 3 fans off any one of those 3 headers by using fan splitters. So theoretically you could run 9 fans at 5v by using 3 x 3pin fan splitters plugged into each of the 3 5v headers for example.
  2. cartdog

    Is this it? This is life?

    Wait until you get to know, or rather see, some if the less desirable traits your fellow colleagues display. That meaningless attitude you feel, well some of your work mates will take it upon themselves to express to you how pointless it all is, how they hate their job, how everyone "sucks" but them. Word from the wise, don't be like them. If you don't like it don't do it. Don't get involved in workplace politics, have a hobby outside of work and enjoy life. So many people live boring miserable lives and it comes across in their work life. Life is what YOU make it. Nothing else or anyone else can do that for you, your attitude is entirely yours. Goodluck.
  3. cartdog

    New fan suggestions (H20 and air-flow)

    Thanks for the tips there. The NB's I liked because of the quality but also thew color which fits into my build. Those Phanteks fans do look impressive but unfortunately PCCG does not stop the 120mm version of the MP fans, and I can't purchase them elsewhere as I will only receive a store-credit from returning the current faulty fans. These are the current Noctua fans I was looking at, they seem rather impressive plus at $50 extra (ontop of store credit) they seem like a good option. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/41010/noctua-120mm-nf-f12-pwm-chromax-black-swap-1500rpm-fan
  4. cartdog

    New fan suggestions (H20 and air-flow)

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll rewatch his videos on those Noctua fans. The only thing about Noctua is the price. I'm not a super die-hard enthusiast looking for -0.0dB, just something thats hits all the boxes and at a price I can afford. I'd get the Noctuas but the current fans and system is just completely gone overboard on budget. Nonetheless I will consider what Noc offers. Thanks bud.
  5. I'll start off by laying out my requirments that these fans will be in a watercooled system, so as such I am looking for something that offers performance with low noise. While I understand there is no fan that can do both of those exceptionally well the noise factor is more of the concern. Currently I have 9 x Lian Li RGB bora fans (non-lite). These fans though looking great, running quiet and offering good cooling are very poor quality, so I am going to be RMA'ing the whole lot for the second time. For those asking, don't buy electronics from LianLi, stick to their cases. With that in mind quality is very important as I don't want to be having to tear my system down in 6months due to rattling/ticking fans. Narrowing down some brand names I have looked at NoiseBlocker, Fractal Design and ofcourse Corsair. I would love to hear your guys opinions and experience in cooling a water cooled system for decent performance and low-noise and PWM controls. NoiseBlocker: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/44170/noiseblocker-nb-eloop-fan-b12-p-pwm-120mm Fractal Design: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/31445/fractal-design-venturi-hp-12-120mm-pwm-fan Corsair: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/36032/corsair-ml120-120mm-premium-magnetic-levitation-fan-twin-pack
  6. cartdog

    CPU Fans are not spinning

    What brand and model are the CPU fans? You mentioned Noctua but is that just the heatsink or is that the whole cooling combo? How long have you had the fans for? It could well be a power deliver issue like @Jurrunio mentioned, could be an internal fan controller issue or perhaps the cable pins are lose. Have you had any physical changes to the system or fans lately, or have they been working just fine up until when this problem arose?
  7. @AluminiumTech judging by those quotes it seems to me that the Devs have essentially said "well this is it, our jobs done. Enjoy the shell of a game...". Aside from PUBG Corp, Bohemia Interactive would have to be the unskilled and laziest Developers in the industry. Forget about the time frame of DayZ development for a second and just look at the idiotic decisions these guys went made. They had a perfect blue-print, DayZ Mod. So they start to develop on the same old Legacy engine, somehow believing that miraculously the engine would perform better, nope it doesn't. So they make a new one but that is a flop as well. They finally nailed it on the 3rd go, I'm so glad I'm not paying their wages. Now they've released this "v1.0" that is still as poorly performing, lacking in even the most BASIC of content and somehow they call that an "achievement"...like, what planet am I on??? It's obvious these guys just pushed this to v1.0 to get it off their hands, despite that whole "we plan on future development", they know that the modders will take over the development and making DayZSA what it should have been. So as far as Bohemia Interactive is concerned their job is complete. Over $150Million dollars and this is the game they have to show for it, it's insane isn't it.
  8. cartdog

    What was your first Linus Tech Tips video?

    I think it was this video, though it could well have been earlier. On a side note, how proud of Linus are we! He has come such a long way from this fresh-faced enthusiast who is now one of the leading influences in his field. I'm just a stranger but I'm so proud of his achievements, his innovation and expansion. Also, who's looking at these videos and thinking where did the time go?
  9. cartdog

    Serious help!! Asking for help

    I'm just guessing here but have you considered that it might have something to do with your OS? How come you're using Windows NT 6.2 (8) **I see you have tried Windows 10**
  10. cartdog

    What was your first job?

    Bricklaying. 16 at the time.
  11. Online reviewers are your friend, Linus, Guru3d..these guys offer solid and reliable advice on the hardware you need for the tasks you need it for. Take your time doing your research...better to spend an extra few weeks making sure you get the right parts. Opinions of individuals on here are beneficial but ultimately you'll only know for sure by reading up on your part selection. Good luck, don't rush (believe me, I know how exciting it is to get those shiny new PC parts), read reviews and look at the details.
  12. Might I make a suggestion regarding your storage options, scrap the 860 EVO 1TB and the IronWolf 3TB. Your motherboard supports Optane, so buy a 16GB or 32GB optane M.2 and then buy a https://www.ple.com.au/Products/631213/WD-Black-WD4005FZBX-35-4TB-256MB-7200RPM-Desktop-HDD using your Optane M.2 to provide SSD-Like speeds for your standard HDD You'll still have 4TB of total storage (not including boot drive) and be saving $100 or more. That's just my 2c. Also, I don't know if the 8700 comes with a boxed cooler, if not this is something else you'll need to factor into your budget.
  13. Linus is an astute business man, nothing would escape his or his teams notice. Either they aren't interesting in the product or they are working on a video for it.
  14. cartdog

    cpu not being detected

    Thanks for the pictures and description. I can't help but notice that you're missing atleast 3 screws for your motherboard standoffs. Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge of this could tell you whether that's has caused an issue or not. If you do decide to put screws in them, make sure your PC is powered off, unplugged and discharged (by pressing power button after PC power unplugged)
  15. cartdog

    cpu not being detected

    Don't forget you might be covered by warranty, so don't over stress just yet. Now to the issues, could you provide a bit more information on this. You mentioned the system was running last night, so I gather you have installed windows and were able to get into the desk top? or did you just build the system last night but have yet to install windows or anything? Also, what makes you think it's the CPU not being detected, is there a BIOS message? If your CPU is heating up I gather that's a promising sign. When you enter BIOS is your CPU detected in there, I gather it must be if you're able to tell it is heating up. Make sure that the CPU power cable is plugged into the motherboard, this power cable is different from the 24pin power cable. Though since you had it running lastnight it would be odd if the power cable became unplugged. Doing some reading on this issue, some users have mentioned that the EZ debug LED you're seeing on the CPU is a result of the motherboard not detecting any iGPU, as the 1600x doesn't support integrated graphics. They suggested that you make sure your display cable is plugged into a GPU and not the onboard display ports found on the rear I/O of the motherbaord Just provide more info on this and a picture of 2 if you can.