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    i7 3930k 4.0ghz 1.2v (lows of 0.8v)
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    Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
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    Corsair Dominator 2133mhz 16gb Quad Channel
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Ti H20
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    Silverstone Temjin TJ11 costom modded
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    Intel 520 60gb
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    Silverstone Strider 1000w
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    Custom H2O loop
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    Logitech MX620
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  1. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Okay It "APPEARS" I have found a solution, had I thought of this first thing I could of saved a world of time. The 2 Intel SATA 6GB ports seem to be having some conflict with 2 drives plugged in. So I removed 1 drive and plugged it into the GSATA Marvel control port, no ideal...but it worked! The drive is now detected and functioning as it should. So if anyone has the same issue, just use another SATA 6GB port. I tried changing plugs but ONLY to a SATA 3Gb port, which didn't help. While Marvel is not ideal, it will do for the time being until I format. Thanks for your help W7GE!
  2. lets see how we go. Both rads now intake with a fan on one side at the rear that exhausts. The rad on the left takes coolant from pump/res, the rad on the right then feeds it to the system components. Currently doing a quick prime95 test I have a max of 58c with an ambient of 32c @ 3.5ghz 100% 1.212v.
  3. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    So something really strange happened. I plugged the drive into another power cable, did a system restore and hey presto, its back. Reverted back to the old power cable and boom, no dice...drive is undetected again. So I tried the other power plug and it didn't work. The drive has a mind of it's own. Unfortunately I can no longer access that old system restore (no idea why) but it says none have been created. So back to square 1 again. Least I'm positive the drive isn't dead. I was reading that if in a past life you try a RAID setup, which I did, there's residual info left over even in ACHI mode, which causes conflicts. I've formatted the drive numerous times. There's nothing important on the drive, just games. I don't fancy have to install it all again and besides, I can't even format the drive.
  4. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Okay so I tried a different SATA and power cable. The drive is now detected in disk manager and device manager, however its detected as a RAID 0 in divice manager and "unallocated" and not initialized in disk management. Trying to initialize the drive doesn't work. Strange thing though is that its a 55GB drive but its showing as 106GB in disk management. But any progress is progress
  5. Blue ? on SSD drive (sigh)

    Sigh. This has happened before and I fixed it with a system restore. However that hasn't worked this time. My SSD, which is working as it's detected in BIOS, is showing a blue ? mark symbol over it. There's nothing to access it when I right-click. The drive is not in disk management, it's not in device manager either. I'm at a complete loss one this one and would really appreciate someones help. I have tried the regedit of enabling hidden devices, still doesn't work.
  6. Look that would be the ultimate. The Silverstone TJ11 is a whopping huge case, but sadly the bottom compartment is very lacking in terms of water cooling capacity. Unfortunately there is just nowhere in the bottom to attach any fans, even If I just stood one up "ghetto style" in the bottom compartment.. But thanks for the suggestions, back to square one I guess!
  7. Oh yeah, I see what you're saying. Originally I had FANS > RAD > FANS > RAD > FANS, So there is definitely room as you say for a 1inch or more gap. My concern is with air quality, though both bottom sides of the case have large openings as does the bottom rear too. The bottom pic is how it looked BEFORE I replaced the 240mm with another 360mm
  8. I have seen that chart before yeah. Unfortunately I don't have any room to add extra radiators, other then a 120mm near the CPU, or to run the current setup with the 2 rads with a space between. Its either stick to the current setup or run a single 360mm Rad in the bottom and a 120mm rad at the top.
  9. As the title says, I'm hoping to get some knowledgeable advice regarding my radiator setup. Currently this is how my system is set up. LOOP ORDER: Pump/Res > Rad 1 > Rad 2 > CPU > GPU > Pump/Res. RADIATOR ORDER: FANS > RAD 1 > FANS > RAD 2 Now Radiator 1 is the first inlet from the pump/res and is the radiator that receives the coolest air. However radiator 2 receives coolant from radiator 1 BUT ALSO receives hot exhaust air from radiator 1. The water then goes from radiator 2 up to the CPU/GPU/PUMP/RES. So I have a bit of a question, is this causing a detrimental affect on cooling as the coolant that goes to the system is being cooled by warm air? Secondly would I be better off having a single 360mm Rad with a push/pull config? This way I am freeing up a lot of space but I am also not hindering the cooling power by exhausting warm air onto another radiator before the coolant enters the system? My concern is that perhaps a 360mm is not enough cooling power, however reading some sources it says that having 120mm of cooling per component is adequate. Radiators: 2 x Alphacool Nexxus XT45 360mm (full copper) 10FPI Fans: 6 x Bitfenix Spectre Pro (SPECS: 1200rpm 12v, 56CFM, 1.24mmH2O, 19dB) I have provided some pictures to ID how the loop is set up The radiator without the fan grills is the radiator that receives the coolant from the pump/res (Rad 1). Thank you and I appreciate your feedback. I have also provided temperature readings. The top 3 boxes are IDLE temps after doing a stresstest. The bottom boxes are temps AFTER an hour of gaming (Battlefront 2) System Specs that need cooling i7 3930K (Stock) wish to OC to 4Ghz GTX 1080 Ti

    Just an update. Thus far the Nvidia control panel and driver options have remained as they are, despite numerous shut-downs of the system. This could be entirely random or it could be due to a few troubleshooting steps I took. Here are some things I tried. * Install yopur video card driver again, without uninstalling the previous install. * Control Panel > System Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Hardware > Device Installation Settings and select "No" to automatically download apps and device icons.

    I am referring to the Nvidia Control Panel itself. When you right-click on desktop it's not there. I can find it in Control Panel options, but it doesn't execute. In device manager the drivers are installed yet there's issues that would indicate the drivers are not installed. Quite vexing.
  12. I have noticed that since the Windows 10 creators update my Nvidia drivers are being uninstalled, secretly at that. I'm not receiving any prompts or notifications. I power down my PC and turn it back on and theres no "Nvidia Control Panel". I Install the driver again and it's there but as soon as I power down the PC, the driver is gone. Is anyone else experiencing this? It wouldn't bother me as much but as a result of the driver being uninstalled there's tearing in my games now. Running a dxdiag it says my driver is WMD 2.2 which I think is a Windows video driver and not Nvidias 381.89
  13. Project Hexagon

    Some fantastic craftsmanship there bud, keep up the excellent work. It's looks great now, can't wait til it's complete.
  14. PROJECT: TS1 (reborn)

    So a few years ago I posted on the forums a build log for my system, I will post a link to that. Although being complete I always had things I wanted to do more, aspects I wanted to improve in the design. So after much planning and evaluation I bring my rebuilt and redesigned Silverstone TJ11, project name TS1 (The Silent One). This project will continue to expand over the years with new hardware and future modifications. @alpenwasser finally got there bud. VERSION 1.0 of TS1 (2013) how to take screenshots VERSION 2.0 of TS1 (2017) photo uploading upload gif upload picture screen shot image uploading site uploading pictures image posting image hosting 10mb limit free upload image url image hoster photo hosting sites SOME BUILD PICTURES Filter "appears intake" image hosting more than 5mb Filter is not "intact" free photo hosting Water leak on GPU free screenshot software Water leak on GPU windows 7 screen shot post a picture free picture upload Jig I made to cut tubing imgurl Painted power-on button surround free image host screen capture tool image sharing image ru image upload no compression For those wishing to know the upgrade: Replaced a 240mm rad with a 360mm rad, thus having a total of 2 360mm rads sandwiched together Replaced tubing from flexitube to hardline acrylic (BitsPower) Replaced fittings from compression to hardline fittings (Witspower) Replaced pump/res assembly to a Bitspower setup Replaced o-rings in leaking EKWB block Replaced thermal compound/pads on all blocks Added cable combs Added Deepcool RGB strips (magnetic kit does not hold to powder coated cases, keep this in mind) Added custom lasercut Silverstone logo to front 5.25 bays Cleaned case, waterblocks thoroughly Hope you all enjoyed, Cartdog.