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  1. Ok both Cpuz and Gpuz recognizes both GPUs
  2. whats cpuz and gpuz? do i need to download those.
  3. Yes i ran BF4 on 2560x1440p on ultra and was getting around 40 to 50 fps. Thats single card type of results. I choose BF4 because its probably the best game i have that is really good optimized for sli.
  4. Yes sir, should i install another sli bridge? or is 1 fine.
  5. Not sure what "CreateOriginals" is lol, I just googled OG logs
  6. It should be as in the product description it said sli compatbile and has 2 16 pcie slots its the Asus p8-z77 v lk *Edit* Here is a quick link to the mobos specs http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LK/
  7. So i just got a second 670 at a super cheap price. Everything is connected and set up correctly. I turned on my computer and it recognized the second gpu and started downloading the drivers immediately. The problem is i don't actually know how to "activate" SLI. Everything recognizes the second gpu. If turn on msi kombuster is shows me the temp and load for the gpu #2. In Geforce Expirience if i go under my rig it has 2 670's listed. I know i'm suppose to go to the nvidia control panel but i dont have the sli option. Under 3d settings in the nvidia control panel it should have "Configure surround,PhysX, and sli" but i only get that option without it saying sli? Any idea or other ways to set up sli? Is the sli bridge not connected properly?
  8. Ahh my sound manager was listing it as unknown device, i fixed it. Any was to close threads?
  9. I'm having problem getting sound to go through the razer headset, when i connect it all the led's go up and the synapse 2.0 software that comes with it recognizes the headset. The problem is the sound still comes out through my monitor, i have tried clicking on the volume button on the bottom right in the task bar, and changed it from asus monitor to razer kraken headset. But all i get through the headset is the little tone u get when u change the volume with the slider. The sound still comes out through the monitor. Any suggestions on how to fix this? if more info is needed just post and ill get back at u asap. *EDIT* Also the Headset is USB only which is probably the problem, My Realtek HD Audio Mangager always notify's me when i connect new speakers and headsets asking me if i want to use those instead, but i dont get the notification when i plug in the Razer's
  10. I have no idea where to look or what to look for since i have never actually owned a pair of headsets for gaming. I just recently decided on buy one but after looking around, bawgawd is there a lot to choose from. So pretty much i need a pair of gaming headset that is compatible with PC and PS4. This might be an issue or not since PS4 was just not too long ago updated to support usb headsets. I don't want to spend too much. My budget would be $100 More interested in sound more than the quality of the mic Again compatible with pc and ps4. IF you need more or specific information just ask and ill try to get back at you asap. if all fails ill just pick up a pair of Sony's Gold WIreless Headset http://www.amazon.com/Gold-Wireless-Stereo-Headset-playstation-4/dp/B00HVBPRUO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408349462&sr=8-1&keywords=ps4+headset
  11. AMD FX-6300 MSI R9 270x 8gb corsair ram 650w psu Gigabyte micro mobo windows 8
  12. Sorry just a little frustrated as my brother can't play any games at the moment.
  13. No its it running on stock speeds. GPU is r9 270x by the way.
  14. Jesus christ man, i built my brother a amd build a week ago and ever since then i have been getting nothing but problems from the amd gpu/drivers side. When my brother tries anything gpu intensive the drivers "stop working". The screen starts tearing up then a message appears that the gpu encountered a problem and recovered, but then the screen gets worse until its all black. When this happens i can no longer use the Display running from the gpu as the pc wont boost past the windows logo. i have to go to the bios and choose the pci to go the vga. I try uninstalling the drivers and re installing but that doesnt work as the pc wont boot past the windows logo. So have to choose the ":restart PC" button to erase everything from the SSD to do a fresh instal of windows only will this fix everything only for the problem to re-occur. I have tried to only install the drivers from the disc the gpu came with, i have also tried skipping the gpu driver disk and going straight to the AMD site and installing the latest drivers but still same problem WHY AM I HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH THIS AMD CARD/DRIVER? I have my own build thats intel/nvidia and i never had any problems with it. Last time i purchase anything amd. GPU: R9 270x
  15. Hello guys. I just finished building my brother a custom AMD build, and it gave me the urge to upgrade my PC. My current hardware is: i7 3770k @3.5 Nvidia Gtx 670 Asus P8z77 v-lk 8gb ram and cant remember 850w psu or 750w? Ahhh its really late right now need sleep lol So i'm stuck on whether to get another 670 to run sli or just simply get a 780 ti. I'm not really into running the latest games on uber max settings which my lonely 670 does a good job at.. If i were to sli would i need to upgrade my case fans? they are currently stock fans.