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  1. Not sure, otherwise I would have posted it in the op
  2. So my AMD 8350 is starting to sh*t itself, I've been searching college Surplus stores and I've found a few desktops that have i5 vPro CPUs, I'm pretty poor atm as I'm a college student going to school for Computer Engineering so it's kind of important to have a reliable computer. What would be ideal is if I could get one for free but I'm willing to put down like $20 on a surplus computer, how comparable are these CPUs? I'm from Washington State if that helps anybody else look for surplus things EDIT: Oh I've also checked Craigslist quite frequently but I can't find anybody who is just throwing stuff away
  3. It's crazy expensive, not really sure who their market audience is but yeah, there is
  4. It's my 18th birthday and I'm so hyped! My parents ordered a OnePlus Three for me! Kind of wanted a new GPU but my Nexus 6 is slowing down quite a bit now Anyways, how's everyone's day going?
  5. I'm pretty sure I can get it all set up that way, but I just started this job a couple weeks ago and I need a paycheck to open a checking account. You don't need one to open achecking you realize that right?
  6. Is it direct deposit? I'm assuming not since you're asking when you get your check. Just make sure you're polite about it
  7. Meewwww

    thenk u linus

  8. That's exactly what's the weird part about all of it
  9. These are in no way MY OPINION as they're written by the developer of BetterDiscord+, I just thought it was an interesting read, and seeing as how Discord is sponsoring LTT now, well, here ya go. For those who are just starting to use Discord, BetterDiscord is an amazing addon that adds tons of functionality, read more about it here
  10. Generally that's the case, but you can easily fry your PSU messing with the voltages etc.
  11. What performance do you think I could get out of SLI'd 660 TIs?