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  1. Hey I have a 4K 27" display. I'm looking for a secondary screen to be put on portrait position (vertical) but I also would like it to be smaller that the 27" one (27" portrait is far to high, I would never be able to look up there confortably) Idealy, the two displays would have the same dot pitch... but I can't find anything that fits this description. I do photography edits, a bit of video etc. Using a dot pich calculator, that would be something like a 20 inches 1440p monitor... do you guys now of any display that would help me?
  2. Doh finally found it. "Storage spaces" is the response I needed. This post should be deleted I think, sorry !
  3. Hey, a short question about dynamic disks: I recently changed my mobo, and acquired a new 1TB nvme SSD that I use for my system. I happen to have 2 old SSDs I used before, one 128GB, the other 512GB. I wanted to use them as one dynamic disk (some kind of "in windows" JBOD in my understanding) to make data management easier. I use windows 10. Strangely, I made tests and the throughput towards this ~ 600GB "dynamic" drive is much lower than towards one of these disks in a simple partition mode. (200MB/s instead of 450MB/s) I read that usually, dynamic drives have faster writing speeds, because data is split, and parts of it can be written on both drives at the same time. Is this something known? Is there an easier or better solution than dynamic drives? Thanks ! Post scriptum : Everything is backed on a 9TB NAS
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-Predator-XB273KPbmiphzx-DisplayHDR-Speakers/dp/B07JNQCPM7 Hey all, I'm considering getting a new monitor (may main monitor is an asus 27" QHD ips 60hz) Context : I game, and I'm an amateur photographer, so I need proper color reproduction I saw the 4k/quantum dots/hdr/144hz/ips displays with full array local dimming, like the predator 27x and the asus one (all with the same panel apparently) but the price is too high for me, there are reports of blooming and compatibility problems between windows 10 and hdr. But apparently there is a cheaper version of the Acer monitor : the nicely named "xv273kp bmiipphzx" This one seems to be the same panel, but short of the local dimming and of the hdr 1000 certification (it has hdr400 instead...) I don't know if this one has the Fan that so many pple complained about. Anyway, it's way cheaper than the full fledged one (around 1200€ for g-sync, 1000€ for free sync version, so it would be more or less the same in $ I guess) I wonder if any of you have more info about this one, as apparently I can't find any proper reviews on the web, even though it is supposed to be hitting the market already
  5. :P Didn't see that Well, this is how they call that themselves.But if you prefer, binning. Anyway, I found the insight quite interesting.
  6. Hi, this is a really intersting article, with a quite good video, about the sicilon failure analysis tools from Nvidia's lab, for the "Gamer Nexus" site. I hope I posted in the right place. http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/1149-nvidia-silicon-failure-analysis-lab
  7. It's fun, I'm using exacly the same pci-e 1x riser to plug my sound card, using the same kind of slot in my case (Arc Midi, fractal). I though I was the only guy who had this strange idea! Working fine on my side too. Anyway really nice system!