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  1. My Logitech G502. Was planning on buying a new mouse but not this one. Got it for ~50€ instead of 60€+. Fortunately I don't regret it so far, I usually never buy things spontaneously.
  2. Repost. Has been covered during/shortly after CES 2015 -> http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/287876-most-innovative-ces-2015-mad-catz-rat-prox-mouse/
  3. Quite confused for a few seconds. Thought I still had JayzTwoCents' forum open.
  4. I want that on my glasses. Mistook it for that spray-on coating.
  5. It's not the first time that something like this happened. Everytime I read about someone dying in an internet cafe it's a) after 3 days and b) somewhere in Asia.
  6. Wouldn't it be better to just wait for the 370/X to come out or to buy a 380X? AMD did the same thing with the 285 which doesn't get that much attention (mainly because it's a bit more expensive than the 280 and only has 2GB). Doesn't look like a step forward.
  7. Just a projector that doesn't require a single flat surface, rather than any surface. Sounds to me like they're over-selling it quite a bit. Or it's just me being absolutely not interested in a gimmick like that (I also find the monitor in the center of the projection annoying).
  8. I kinda like the low profile keys (like on my MS Sidewinder X6) but - in addition to the space bar - it doesn't look like you will be able to just swap them out for other key caps that easily (if you even can). That, plus the $200 pricetag are the reason why I will most likely don't buy it.....which is unfortunate because I wanted a mechanical keyboard with low profile keys.
  9. I have a feeling that this won't sell very well. Nice to see that it's size-adjustable for tablets but still...that price-tag is ridiculous and none of the features justify it - at least for me.
  10. If Sony and MS would include backwardscompatibility there wouldn't be a need for such a service. Just let us play the games we already own on new consoles (was possible on the PS2/early PS3 and X360 with limitations; even Nintendo does it to a certain extent on their handhelds). But doing that is just not profitable and they rather screw over their customers. That's how I see it. But what bothers me more is the streaming part. If you want to use that service you'll need a connection with 5-12MB/s. Depending on the country/ISP that could be expensive (you'll maybe even need to upgrade). Plus, you'll be paying regardless if you're actually using/able to use it (e.g. because of internet outage, broken console, etc.). For me there's too much dependency on multiple factors. I'd rather just buy the console and games used. Or, you know....emulators.
  11. Finally got myself a nice screwdriver with lots and lots of bits (plus, it has a ratchet mode). PAnd it was pretty cheap, only ~10€.
  12. Have you seen the video from TekSyndicate? They mounted a Retina display to a PC. Maybe you can use some tricks they used.
  13. Had to use a zip-tie on the CPU power cable so it doesn't touch the RAM. With the 140mm fan blocking the passthrough above the motherboard I can't route it behind the motherboard tray.
  14. I still find it suspicious. First they give in to GoP's demands and then they're suddenly like "Fuck you! We'll release it anyway".