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    Intel i7-4770K
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero
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    16 GB - Corsair Vegeance Pro
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    Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II OC
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    Corsair Obsidian 750D
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    Seasonic X-750W
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    Asus PB278Q
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    Corsair H100i
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    Logitec G710+
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    Logitec G700s
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  1. It depends quite heavily on how well the screen is glued in. As @MCManiac52 said use a lot of head and you should be able to get it off, from my experience however I don't think you can avoid increasing the size of those cracks. If the glass is quite sturdy maybe, but that usually isn't the case on touch screens like this one. Anyway good luck, hope it all works out!
  2. Sure, I'm talking about reasonably secure not actually full on impenetrable.
  3. NO, might actually get quite dangerous, especially without removing the battery. Battery + hot oven usually = BOOM!
  4. It really depends on the user IMO. For everyday Joe, that just uses their computer and isn't really tech savy I still recommend using some kind of additional anti-virus protection because I don't trust them or their judgment. For tech savy people on the other hand I think Defender is enough if you watch what your doing and use common sense. It makes a computer securer, but I don't know if I'd call it secure (shit can happen to anyone really).
  5. Wifi: yeah that seems more like a wifi configuration or compatibility problem really and not any virus/malware like activity. Pic: without it happening again and you being able to take a picture, i don't think I can help you any further either. Scan the computer with a trusted anti virus and/or anti malware program and see it it detects something other than that i don't really know anything (except a factory reset - but that's kind of a big leap). If there are any updates I'll look into this again tomorrow, but yeah I have to go to bed as well. Hope you fix it!
  6. Sounds kind of strange and sketchy. Any new software installed lately? Check whether there is anything in stalled that you don't know. Normally these redirected homepages and stuff aren't a good sign but I've never actually seen it on a mac. I'm also not really sure if the two are related (no wifi and picture/weird web search). Are you using a hotspot or usb or bluetooth to share your 4g connection?
  7. Can you further describe this? First of all are you sure you mean a NASA and not an NSA logo? That would just make more sense IMO, at least if it were something virus/malware related. Secondly do you mean this pops up at boot or after connecting to the wifi and the browser loads that instead of the websites? And lastly, can you by any change provide a picture of this screen? Hope I can help further with more info, but there are still too many unknows right now (at least for me).
  8. Ok that might be true, but do you know if that would result in an error/warning message popping up at or after boot? I however still believe that XeonPhy is a know Family, even if only because of the PCIE compute cards, that use the same architecture.
  9. What you also might want/be able to do is check if there are two very similar settings in your BIOS, for example I had a board that boot priority and boot devices or boot order (sorry don't quite know the correct name from the top of my head) where boot order allowed me to select the devices that it should allow to boot from and priority selected the devices with the highest priority out of the other list. What I'm trying to say is that (in my case) even you selected the boot priority correctly, but the device is not in the boot devices list it will pick the other device with lower priority that is in that list. I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you even more!
  10. First of all yes, these are normally run on linux systems. But anyhow (again) AFAIK the system can differenciate between physical and logical cores and can therefore assign each of the 4 threads to a (cpu-)thread on a different physical core. I think the OS can get or request some kind of map from the cpu for the logical to physical mapping and even if it can't it's actually no that hard to do in software either. Since this is a feature provided more or less on a hardware/firmware level or can be done in software no special optimization is actually needed for this "OS feature".
  11. AFAIK probably not, windows is (normally) smart enough to put threads onto different physical processors. given that there are still one with less load available, of which there are plenty in this case.
  12. I would would want to win the Razer Blade 16. Awesome giveaway, thanks!
  13. I completely agree, the improvements you are going to see unless you spend a big chunk of money are going to be minor or none. Therefore, I would stick to living with the 80c temps of your GPU, they are designed to withstand such temps.
  14. This is probably because you enabled "Show hidden folders" and unchecked "Hide protected OS files". These folders have always been there but you have just not seen them.