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  1. I run a Asus B450i with a 2600X. My Bench mark settings it will do an all core 4.25ghz at 1.46v and RAM at 3600mhz 14-15-14-28 at 1.46v with tight sub timings. Everyday settings though I run an all core 4.15ghz at 1.388v and RAM 3200mhz 14-14-14-28 at 1.365v. I also have my VRM settings maxed out minus the switching frequency for a bit more RAM stability I have it at 400. Most amperage I've pulled though the VRM is about 70A and considering each stage is 30A I'd say I'd have a ton of headroom. Also the SOC is only a single phase and the main reason Buildzoid doesn't like it but the SOC is a IR3555 60A stage and even with 3600mhz RAM I only use 1.1v and it see's about 8A. In saying that though a 2200G or 2400G would cook this board and highly not recommended.
  2. Did you also reply to the other post and for some reason it posted it as my own topic? So confused as to what's going on here.
  3. Interested to see what the speed/timing/voltages people are running on their B die RAM on Ryzen? What do people consider safe voltages for benching and 24/7 safe? The picture below is the current timings I'm running at 1.41v but hoping to get the voltage a bit lower by relaxing a couple of the timings. I can also get 3600mhz 14-15-14-28 but slightly looser sub timings at 1.46v but not sure if the extra voltage is worth the voltage.
  4. The Acer XB271HUA is a 1ms TN 1440p monitor with 144hz oc to 165hz and G Sync. I just bought the AOC AG271QG it's the same specs and price but IPS and 4ms response time. An extra 3ms response time is nothing and the gains of IPS are well worth. No one can tell the difference anyway. If you are spending that much money why buy old outdated tech, new TN panels are okay but they are horrible compared to even a bad IPS for colour.
  5. Yes you can but they have barely any noticeable gains through almost all games. I run MSI 980s with an MSI HB bridge and it works fine just don't expect extra performance only better visuals.
  6. So I just bought a AOC AG271QG 165hz G Sync monitor and I'm having an issue when my second display a non G Sync 49" 4K TV is plugged in. The G Sync doesn't seem to work on the AOC and I can't select select it in the Nvidia control panel. I know it should work a long as I have the games I'm playing in full screen or windowed full screen but I'm getting tearing. This completely disappears if I have only the AOC plugged in. I'm not expecting the 4k TV to work with G Sync or anything dumb like that as it's for web browsing and movies but I don't want to have to unplug it every time I want to play a game. I have looked up countless Youtube and webpage tutorials but most of them are old as and don't have all the latest G Sync updates in them. Please help I need G Sync for the mess that is PUBG and it's lack of SLI support...
  7. Looking for recommendations. I'm about to pull my PC down and while I'm there I want to delid my 4670k cooled by a Fractal S36 AIO and replace the thermal compound on my MSI Gaming 980s in SLI I'm looking at either the Thermal Grizzly pastes Conductonaut and Kyronuat or possibly getting both. I want something that is going to last a long time especially between the CPU and the heat spreader. It seems like the Conductonaut is the best one for this from what I have seen as it's got insane thermal conductivity, but not really sure. Not sure if I'd want to use it between the spreader and CPU cooler heatsink as it's supposed to be horrible to get off. I'd also use it on the GPUs as they won't ever come apart again. Would using the Kryonaut yeild the same thermals or within margin of error if I just used it on all of it? Depending on results of the 4670k I may delid my 4790k but I want to use it as a test
  8. Yeah it's my first de-lid so I would rather spend the few extra dollars and have the right tools that have been proven to work.
  9. Yeah that's what I thought. Just wondering if it's worth doing it on the GPUs as well or normal paste would do? Yeah I bought a Rockit 88 and Re-Lid Kit, I'm not messing around with razors, vises or anything like that.
  10. So I recently gave my old Z87 a breath of fresh air and brought it up to 2017 standards. The 4670k is OC to 4.2ghz at 1.2v and the 980s running at 1501mhz on their cores and 4000mhz on the memory. The pcpartpicker link is on my profile if you want specs on the full build.
  11. bpw87

    Z87 4670k and SLI 980 refresh

    Yeah the CPU is definitely lacking but all I do it gaming and with 4.2ghz it keeps up fine unless the game is poorly optimized and I barely have that issue anymore. I have a 4790k coming in a few weeks, a fella I met is upgrading and I'm buying his chip. I was more meaning bringing my rig up to visual standards for 2017 but it still holds it's own in gaming. Nah I haven't made a build log. Too be honest 4.2ghz isthe absolute max my chip will do no matter what settings or volts I push through it. I dialed in some custom settings and it runs absolutely stable at 1.201v, when I tried to go higher I had to hard reset the BIOS as it wouldn't even load. Then I just used the 4.2 auto overclock settings and set the volts as the motherboard wanted to run 1.35v plus for 4.2ghz and it's just as stable so I'm not worried about it. Also the GPUs were easy on Afterburner I literally turned them up to +172 on the core, +500 on the memory, 122% power, 83c temp limit, stock volts and a custom fan profile. The GPUs might have more in them I'm not sure as I haven't tried as all I wanted was to hit 1500mhz and call it there seeing I'm on air, but seeing they are Maxwell based GPUs I highly doubt they will do better than 1500 as that seems like good numbers for them. I also have Speed fan controlling the case and CPU fans as they wouldn't spin up with high temps on the GPUs and now all that runs in the background and no throttling. I get mid 50s on the CPU with near silent fan profiles and the top GPU will hit mid 70s but at near full speed on all the fans.
  12. bpw87

    PWM fan control issues

    I'm having trouble controlling fans either through BIOS or Speedfan. Bios won't ramp them up enough when controlled by PWM and Speedfan is ramping them up way too much down low and PC suddenly becomes a wind turbine with any form of temp above idle. I have a Fractal S36 AIO as an intake with it's three PWM fans run through on it's inbuilt header to the CPU header. Than three more EK Vardar PWM fans as exhausts daisy chained to a single header. What I want ideally is to be able to ramp the CPU / intake fans when the GPUs get over a certain temp as well as normally ramp up for CPU temp like it already does. I also want the exhaust fans to be controlled by taking temps from both GPU1 and CPU and ramp up as temps increase if either get hot enough. At the moment I can barely OC my GPUs as they thermal throttle without the chassis fans spinning up as well. GPU fans I control through MSI Afterburner and they ramp up and down as wanted Build: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/BCYKVY
  13. bpw87

    PWM fan control issues

    I ended up getting it sorted out through Speedfan. Not sure exactly what I changed but it started to work when I played with a few settings. Now I have Task Schedular start Speedfan at startup and everything works perfectly. Thanks
  14. Nice, thanks. Is that just like another G2A style site? I already have a copy of windows 10 but I'm undecided if I want to leave it on my current CPU and SSD and put it in the living room in a m-ITX setup I have in the living room.
  15. So I'm about to upgrade my computer and I want to get a Ryzen but so far I'm torn on a R5 1600 or R7 1700 build. Either will be overclocked to 4ghz or as high as it will go and paired with 3200mhz Flare X on a Crosshair VI. I almost only game but I'm interested in a Ryzen build. I'm not an AMD fanboy, my last 3 systems have been Intel. The last of which is my current 4670k but I feel it's time for an upgrade and I want something different. I already have a 980 and I found a cheap secondhand card. I see no point in upgrading them anytime soon as they are great GPUs and I want a CPU that will compliment them. I know games become more GPU bound at higher resolution so the Ryzen and 980s should be fine for a few more generations. Games played are things like Fallout 4, Battlefield, Doom, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider, MGS V, Metro and Bioshock remakes. I have a good 1080p screen for games like Overwatch, LoL, CS-GO and other games not great for 4k. Will the 1600 be enough or just go for the 1700? Both are in my price range but I want it to last as I normally upgrade every 3 or 4 years.
  16. Yeah definitely can't complain with those numbers. I'll have a look some more at the 1600 reviews and do some numbers. So far this is what I'm looking at. I really want the Flare X ram but with this case I have compatibility issue hitting the H100i with anything other than low profile ram. I am going to make sure this is the go and there isn't a work around to get the Flare X in there while still having the AIO up the top. Half the reason I went the ROG board is it has the CPU and ram in a lower spot than 95% of the other board out there and it's going to give me the most chance of fitting them in there. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/7fZrf8
  17. Yeah shooters I'm not worried at all about, it's the GTA V, Metro LL, Fallout 4 with 30 odd mods and stuff that will actually stress the GPUs a bit more but that's mostly GPU related
  18. I have already budgeted about $2000aud for the tower minus GPUs and SSDs as I already have them, I don't want to go to crazy top end but I want to build something nice and looks as good as it goes. Last thing I need is more games haha I already have 170 odd in my Steam and Origin. Yeah I just plan to keep it for a few years so I'd rather go overkill, I'm still under budget with the 1700 from what I wanted to spend. Like I said above I'm not going to run out any buy a 1700 tomorrow it's probably a week or two pays off having enough for everything and I'm going to keep looking at more reviews and follow AMD updates on any gains. I also want to upgrade my 1080p screen for shooters to a 1440p 144hz once they come down in price but for now I'm loving the 4k and happy playing RPGs and non multiplayer games.
  19. 1700 seems like the pick of the R7 line up to me as I plan to overclock so there will be little to no mhz gains from the X and the temp offset would bug me as the fan profiles would ramp up unnecessarily when there is only light load on the CPU. 1700 has good value for the same or nearly the same performance if you OC it
  20. I did open and that and will have a good read. Thanks That's what I want to hear. Ryzen seems like a awesome chip all round
  21. That is true but the likeliness I will buy another CPU in the next 3 to 4 years is slim and the 8 core seems to have a better chance of lasting that long. $100 odd dollars now isn't that big of a increase in my budget and it could be handy in the future if I change plans. I will keep looking a reviews and benchmarks and won't rule the 1600 out. That is pretty impressive and I'll be over the moon if I can get fairly stable 60fps at 4k with the build. I have been looking at upgrading to a 1440p 144hz G sync screen for FPS and MOBAs when they come down a bit in price.
  22. Yeah like I said not worried even if I get 3.9 it will still be a great chip compared to a 4670k that also maxes out at 4ghz. Yeah the price difference as well as the fan profile for what ever those X series have with the 20c offset have been major turn offs. I'm excited to build a Ryzen system.
  23. I plan to overclock so the header will most likely be needed and the PSU has 2x 8pin connectors. If I hit the lotto and get a chip that can hit 4.1 or 4.2ghz I sure as hell will run it at that but I'm a realist and the chances a 1700 getting over 4ghz are super slim and my luck in the silicone lottery so far has been dismal for GPU and CPUs.
  24. Yeah I was leaning towards the 1700 but a few people have said to me the 1600 would be fine for what I need but I don't want buy it without asking peoples opinions on the matter Also aware of this but thank you very much for the warning, I'll be using a HX1000i so it operates silently until the system sees over 400w power consumption and it has all the connections I could ever need. Thanks, more cores does sound better
  25. bpw87

    4670k with a Noctua NH-L9i?

    So i'm looking at upgrading my current cpu Z87 i5 4670k and want to re-purpose my current CPU into an In Win Choppin m-ITX for a living room PC so I can stream games and movies from my room with my new PC. Only thing I'm concerned about is finding a cooler that will meet the 84w TDP of the 4670k but nothing does in that size case and I think the best bet would be the Noctua at 65w. The CPU will probably never see full utilization and all overclocking would be turned off and possible de-clocked if the thermals are bad. It's a horrible overclocking chip anyway so it's no big loss, however it is super efficient and would safely hit 4ghz at 1.164v while being super stable. The mother board a EVGA Z87 Stinger, 16GB Ripjaw X and CPU would be way overkill but if I don't use them they will probably never get used and the resale on them isn't worth parting with, so I want to use them and I wanted to buy a NUC anyway and this would save me some coin. What are peoples thoughts on this? The case has a 150w internal PSU, will that be enough for the mobo, CPU and a SSD? Is this even worth doing seeing I have all the parts minus case, cooler and ssd or should I just buy a NUC?