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    I'm just a weird kid living in this weird world.

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  1. GokuLy

    Darksiders [Steam] Giveaway (Redeemed)

    Sweet! Thanks!
  2. GokuLy

    Sony Xperia Z2

    It looks awesome!! The Sony Z2 can even go under water for like 30mins which is so cool, and Dbrand's skins look amazing!
  3. GokuLy

    Funniest thing you've heard

    "Will thermal paste work on a video card?"
  4. GokuLy

    Explain Your Job & Your Dream Job. Everyone Welcome

    Current job: NCIX sales rep...helping you with your builds! Dream job: Cat diving instructor
  5. GokuLy

    High School?

    The only thing I really liked about high school was my Drafting/CAD & IT classes. Grade 8 to 9, I was that awkward asian girl that was really into anime and Japanese stuff lol after that it went from watching anime to online games. I spent most of my grade 10 to 12 days at home, playing LoL and MapleStory... jesus....What is this "outside world" you speak of? So yeah after graduating high school most of my friends dissolved and here I am working at a computer hobby shop and soon to be going to college or whatever the future holds for me. Yay lol EDIT: Just do your homework, it will seriously help you LOL
  6. GokuLy

    Connect the next 3 words

    bubbly green straws
  7. GokuLy

    Connect the next 3 words

    every night so
  8. GokuLy

    How'd you get over your ex/first love?

    I recently ended a 2 year relationship with my ex. I just got over it, I wasn't happy when I was with him. He has never done me wrong or anything, he never cheated on me or went out with other girls. The reason why I left him was because he's emotionally manipulated me, before I met him I was able to talk about my feelings discuss whatever was on my mind. Everytime we fought I would try and vent what I was feeling, I couldn't because he would shut me down and bombard me with logic and guilt. Saying I was wrong, I wasn't thinking etc. I was just hands down unhappy for 2 years, I don't know why I stayed for that long. He made me think I needed him and I couldn't live without him. To be honest I was scared at the thought I couldn't live without him. After breaking up with him I'm still not able to express my feelings verbally, it's so difficult like I can't even tell people how I'm feeling without being scared. Do what makes you happy, cause no one else is going to. EDIT: I don't talk to him anymore, everytime I do, he becomes a complete self-centered bastard.
  9. GokuLy

    Heaven Society Week 3 Poll (Anime Club)

    I am addicted to Kill La Kill right now
  10. GokuLy

    Male vs. Female Poll

    If anything I think I'm a female... :lol: :lol:
  11. GokuLy

    LTT skype call :P

    I shall join once I get off in half an hour :lol:
  12. GokuLy

    LTT skype call :P

    I forgot to turn off my ringtone, skype went off and I'm at work. LAWL
  13. GokuLy

    Male vs. Female Poll

  14. GokuLy

    Making a group of gamers :) Wanna join?

    omg...I already have you added before you even told me.... UHM LOL