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  1. Hey, Recently i had posted this; in hopes of finding a solution. i wemt ahead and decided to upgrade my gpu to a rtx 2070 strix oc. this card is KNOWN GOOD. i bought it as an ooen box and its apparently tested. now im just confused on what else it could be at this point. my only current thought is that my pci-e primary slot is not right. any further help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 1070s are good, but are only going to be found used. my 1070 strix gave out last week, after a measly year of gaming throughout myself and its previous owner. if youre thinking about a gpu upgrade, id recommend saving the money and buying new. its worth it for the warrantly alone
  3. wasnt a mining card. i am technically the third owner, but only the second user. the first person bought the card and never used it, left in its packaging. the second guy bought it many years later, and used it for about 6 to 8 months. then i received it and started using it in january. ive had no proboems with it except for some of the rgb not working correctly.
  4. okay. after pulling the gpu, i also noticed that the green indicator light didnt remain on for nearly as long (i believe its a boot light for the b450f), so as soon as i cop the nearest 3070, ill let you know!
  5. fair enough. just decided to pull out the gpu anyway, worth a shot. i might be wrong but is this contactor intended to be shorter?
  6. could you point me in the direction on how to do a cmos reset? still new to this only know some basic things from fixing my laptop and this computer.
  7. unfortunatly no. however, there still should be a way to boot, right? never encountered this before.
  8. Hey, SPECS OF MY PC: -AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (not oc) -Asus b450f strix mobo -G.Skill Trident Z rgb 3200Mhz (2x8gb, cl16) -Gtx 1070 Strix -Seagate Barracuda Compute 2tb 7200rpm (main drive, w win10 installed) -Kingston A400 256gb ssd (untouched) -EVGA GQ 750w 80+ gold Ive come here looking for help. Recently this year i built my first computer, with little difficulty and issues. my main issue was RAM, as i had not noticed it wasnt listed on qvl for my mobo and gave me problems regularly. Today i woke up to the RAM indicator light flashing on my mobo, and i didnt think much of it, and simply hard reset. Upon entering bios, i have EXTREME artifacts, my cpu is idling at near 75c, and overvolting to hell at 1.645v. while i have managed to "fix" the issue with my cpu overvolting (turning down a built-in performance enhancer, which honestly never did alot), i cannot boot. my hard drive, which had contained my installation of windows, leads to a black screen with a flashing underscore. The old usb tactic hasnt worked either, as all i get after attempting this multiple times (and reformatting the usb and creating the media twice now) is "BLInstallationLibrary failure 0xc0000229". i feel as if part of the cpu may be dead due to the artifacts, but im really not sure. and suprisingly, my RAM is reporting normal with the xmp profile applied, as are the voltages from my power supply itself. every component in this computer is brand new and less than a year old, minus the gpu (second hand, functions perfectly). ive tried what i know how to do and nothing has worked. i was using this computer just last night to play, and now its unable to do anything but BIOS. any help would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE : recently got a rtx 2070 strix. has not solved my problem with the artifacting. Any other recommendations?