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  1. How to format a hard drive so that all the trace of the file disappear completely, without any chance to be recovered?
  2. The one i mention hyper 212 led does support am4, that's why i choose it I think my current cpu is okay. the problem I'm having right now is the ram usage even on idle is at 65% which is understandable since I'm only using 4gig of ram. so i just plan to fix just that. i think with more ram my pc will perform slightly better
  3. I have plan to upgrade but right now i can only afford to upgrade my old pc. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. my pc spec: AMD FX 6300 Sapphire r7260x Corsair vengeance blue 4GB Seassonic 650 80+ I'm planing to upgrade my pc cooler and ram, i have a couple choice for both parts RAM : Corsair Value 4 GB PC 12800 Corsair Value 8 GB PC 12800 Corsair Vengeance Black 8 GB PC 12800 I have two question : Based on their website corsair value runs at 1333Mhz and the vengeance runs at 1600Mhz the value one definitely cheaper but it run at a lower speed than the one in my pc. Is it okay mix ram with different speed ? And for cpu cooler : Cooler Master Blizzard T2 mini 95W TDP Cooler master Hyper 212 LED 150W TDP My cpu is 95W tdp is it worth it to use cooler with a higher tdp than the processor ? i have limited budget so i want to make sure to get the most out of it. And I really hope my question is clear enough despite my horrible English Thanks
  5. ice856

    My computer won't shut down properly

    Okay i will try to update my driver.
  6. So occasionally when i shut down my pc. the screen turn off but the the tower itself still running, all the light and fans are still running. I wait a couple minutes up to an hour but still it won't turn off. The only way is to press reset button and try to shut down normaly or force shut down by holding power button or direcly from the power supply So anyone know why this happen? The mother board and the hdd are new. only a couple months old and the rest of the component are 4-5 years old. Thanks
  7. ice856

    Video not showing any thumbnails

    The option is unchecked from the beginning. and also other format like mp4 and wmv shows thumbnail without any problem
  8. ice856

    Video not showing any thumbnails

    Yes i use the same player and no i never installed/delete any codec pack.
  9. ice856

    Video not showing any thumbnails

    I have a problem with my video. any formats other than mp4 not showing any thumbnail, but on my laptop all video formats shows thumbnail normally. Is there any solution?? do i need to install new codec or something?
  10. ice856

    Icon changing position after reboot

    yes and many people experience this and i think it happened after 1803 update
  11. ice856

    Icon changing position after reboot

    I did and its still change the icon position after reboot
  12. So recently the icon on my desktop keep moving back to this specific location after i arrange them. every time i reboot my PC Is there any solution to make my icon stay where i want it?? Thanks
  13. ice856

    Question about partition

    When i try to boot to the newly migrated os on the new hard drive, it show recovery screen like this With a different error message.