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  1. update: Just tried new ram, same error. I tried every slot and made sure its installed right. Please can anyone help??
  2. If it also matters, i have a Kingston 480gb ssd, and a 4tb HGST HDD
  3. Hi, this is my first time ever making any forum post. Ive been working with computers for 2 years now so I am not that experienced but I believe I know a little of what I'm doing. After finally getting my first job when i graduated high school I decided to build a GOOD computer that wasnt made out of old recycled ebay parts. I went all out and bought: An AMD Ryzen 3700x: An MSI RTX 2060 6gb ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F motherboard EVGA 850 Bq, 80+ Bronze 850W PSU 16gb of T-Force 2600Mhz RAM 2x8 these are all brand new components. I was using the stock cooler that came with the CPU. And everything was AMAZING. I went to look around in the bios for a bit. Never owned a real gaming motherboard before, I changed exactly one number, I forgot what it was. Something to do with the CPU. I exit the bios and the computer then would not post, and never posted again. First thing i tried doing was resetting the bios. I took the cmos battery out, unplugged everything and shorted the clear cmos pins. Tried turning it on, no post. I get no beep codes, i get two error lights on my motherboard saying VRAM and CPU. So maybe I damaged the board. I had another 16gb ram kit on the way here AND a new nvme m.2 drive on the way, this was very infuriating to me. So I ordered a new motherboard. An ASRock B550M PRO4. After proper installation, I got the same error. no post, no display. Nothing. So I tried replacing my CPU, it got damaged during shipping while trying to return it to Newegg. So they sent it back to me, i ordered ANOTHER Ryzen 3700x. Off amazon instead. After installation of the new cpu, still the same error. the ram kit came in, tried new ram, it was also T-force ram. Still the same error. I quite literally bought a whole other computer at this point. The power supply works completely fine as well as my rtx 2060. As i tested them in other systems. I dont understand anymore and Ive been thinking of buying corsair ram instead of t-force. If this doesnt work, Im out of options and I give up. Does anyone want a broken system? Because I am just about done. Thank you guys so much in advance. I hope i gave enough information. if not then lemme know :)