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  1. ok so I tried 3500mhz and it worked I guess thats the max I can go cause when I try 3600mhz it just goes down to 2133 I think is a problem with the ram
  2. okay so I tried running it at 3000mhz and it worked idk why they would promote something that doesnt even run close to 4400mhz
  3. I tried putting in 3600mhz and Im still on 2133mhz
  4. So I decided to purchase a new ram (Steel Series Viper 4400mhz) and for some reason is only running at 2133mhz, when i go to the bios it says that XMP profile 1 is enabled, it even says that it supposed to run at 4400mhz but when it boots I go to the task manager and it says 2133mhz I already tried to update my bios and it didn't worked anybody know how to make it run at 4400mhz? my motherboard is a z390ASrock