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  1. I wasnt aware of the cost of unraid, that makes it significantly less appealing. thanks for pointing that out
  2. Budget (including currency): unlim Country: us Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: rdr2, hots, wow, mhw, basically any recent game Other details (shes running a 4790k 16gb ram gtx 980, im currently running a 1800x ryzen 7, 16gb ram, 1080ti): Hi all, new to the forum, saw linus' recent couples pc video and im wondering the actual practicality of it i guess, and how it might be achieved, i think the ability to run two people on one machine sounds awesome, and id like to try and pull it off if i could ! would be really neat to show to people. she is currently only running a 1080p monitor and im running a 1440p both at 144hz, so building a system that could run those framerates would be ideal, she is less of a power user than i am, but she does enjoy the few games she plays to look really nice, Im thinking of holding out for the upcoming zen 3 chips to release, i have a few questions of how this might work 1. i know i need two video cards, how would sound work? 2. i dont know a lot about virtually running windows, how does one divide the ram, hard drive etc? 3. is it easy to turn on/off? we work opposite shifts some were not always ont he pc together, so id like to reclaim those rescources if possible when shes not home 4. networking, our itnernet isnt the greatest to begin with, i assume each running copy of windows would have its own ip settings, would there be anything special to do here? thanks so much for taking the time to read this and replying !