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  1. It looks like one of my cores will randomly jump down to 800 MHz and then back up to the 4.8Ghz it is normally at. It happens for all cores but at different times, could this be it? What could cause this?
  2. No i had it on the ssd and swapped mb, cpu, and psu during upgrade. Do you think a fresh install might help?
  3. I upgraded my 6600k to a 9900 and it now stutters in csgo with multicore rendering enables (higher fps: 186 or so, but unplayable choppiness) Windows 10 64 bit, 9900, rx 480 (trying to upgrade soon but haven't seen the rtx 3080 in stock long enough). 600W gold standard psu, on an itx build Include your entire system specs, including the wattage of your PSU. Z390 Aorus I Pro Wifi, updated to latest bios. I am playing CS:GO when I notice this lag, but haven't had the chance to test other games. Any ideas or tips would be helpful! My cpu is not thermal throttling (had hw monitor open and no core broke 75 degrees), and gpu is running max but not throttling either (this looks like a cpu problem imo.