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  1. @Smit Devrukhkar i also have a mac mini (really old tho, 2012) could I do anything with that? i think i have an old laptop somewhere, if that still works then I might look into seeing if I could connect the eGPU to the wifi card slot or the ssd (i doubt it had an ssd tho, too old)
  2. Hi, I wanna get an eGPU (probably a 2060 or maybe a 3060/70 if those are in my budget) My laptop is a Surface Pro 2017 / 5 which doesnt have usb-c, thunderbolt or access to mPCIe slots. Any ideas? Is there a way to connect it over the usb 3.1 gen 1 port? (5gbps) I know it would be slow, but i dont think that would really matter if im not using it for graphic applications. I will be building a pc some time in the future (a year or 2 away tho) once I have enough money, so I will be buying a graphics card and PSU anyway. thanks heaps, jensen