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  1. When i first start warzone i feel like a get choppy performance from my pc then after 3-4 hours its like i get a 20% performance boost out of nowhere. Also my input latency seems to improve. Its almost feels like my pc needs to warm up for a few hours before i get peak performance. Ive tried reinstalling warzone/shaders and updated all my drivers. For reference i play on 1080p all low settings for max fps. when i first start playing i struggle to maintain 144+ fps in a lot of places falling as low as 110. I know this isnt normal for my build as it should always maintain at least 144 fps on low settings 1080p. Then after 3-4 hours out of nowhere i get great performance averaging 170+ fps in most places even maintaining 200+ in a lot of areas never dropping below 144 even in the most demanding areas. I noticed i play way better after my pc "warms up". Ive checked all my temps/clock speeds and nothing seems to change. My 2080 Ti is always running around 2070 mhz durring gameplaying and cpu @ 4.7 Ghz. The only thing i seem to notice is my gpu usage seems a bit low when i first start playing ( around 55-60% ) then after my pc "warms up" it goes up to around 75% average. Below is a list of my build. GPUL: 2080 Ti 11gb Overclocked CPU: i9 9900k @ 4.7 ghz Ram: 16gb 2x8 @ 3000 mhz Mobo: Asrock Z390 phantom gaming 6 Storage: 1Tb Intel 660p ssd Psu: 850W TLDR: Choppy fps/input latency when i first start playing then after 3-4 hours i get great performance.