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  1. So I'll be able to plug the pcie2x 8 pin (6 plus 2) into a 3080 sorry if this sounds dumb I'm just new to pc builds
  2. I couldn't find it on the website for the psu doe?
  3. But does the Corsair RM 850watt have 2x 8pin pcie cables and if not can you recommend a different power supply to me
  4. I'm going to get a 3080 but it needs 16 pcie power cables and I want to use the corsair rm 850watt psu does this psu have enough pcie cables for the 3080??
  5. But the 3080 needs 16 pcie pins and the corsair psu only has 8 pins (6 plus 2)
  6. Does the Corsair RM 850watt have enough pcie cables for the rtx 3080 and will I be able to plug a nzxt internal hub??? Also if the corsair rm 830 watt isn't compatible can u recommend another psu
  7. Can you plug in a molex cable into the corsair rm 850 watt and where do i plug it in?????
  8. Thanks for your help but also will I need an extended 24 pin cable?
  9. Also will this psu be compatible with rtx 3080
  10. And where do I plug the molex connector?
  11. Thanks for your help but where do I plug in the molex???
  12. Hi I've got a question about the corsair rm 850 watt. Does this power supply have a molex connector and how many sata cables and connectors does it have?? Here is my dream build is it good? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vNrTvW
  13. I will stay with ryzen 9 but what case will I get instead also will I run out of usb 2.0headers