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  1. YOU ALL HAVE MY THANKS FROM THE HEART! for sparing your time for my problem and making this lists of configurations also, sharing your opinions! mmm...i do have an idea to slide in the rtx 3070. if i exclude the monitor's expenditure, may I put a 3070 in my system and if not how much more will i have to spend? oh and also what do you think of @boggy77's configuration listing? im looking forward to his one too.I think i will be able to spend that much difference in budget
  2. HELLO EVERYBODY! i am a big tech enthusiast and I really have been inspired by Linus's pc builds for 2 years but the BIG PROBLEM IS THAT im a 13 year old boi and did hella RESEARCH and i also gathered a lot of knowledge this past months seeing all platforms and linus's vids. i did come up with a configuration but im still doubtful as its my first pc and i dont wanna mess things up.lol my budget is starting from 1000$ to max/1200$.including the monitor. I feel like its a nice budget era to start of. my default points would be; the GPU will be GeForce RTX 3070.(I'm really obsessed with that XD) and a gaming monitor with a decent at least 144hz refresh rate. it will be an ATX build. it could be intel or AMD(which ever gives me the best performance at this budget) sooo,please give me a really good configuration! THANKS! from your 13 year old boiii