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  1. Damn. I guess that's 2 lies then. He told me the RAM and the overclocking was possible. Shucks . Thanks
  2. I just built a new system consisting of this i7 10700k Aorus H470 Pro AX motherboard 16gb Corsair vengeance 3200mhz Aorus p850w. I've been trying to overclock the 10700k for awhile now and no matter how many times i set the core clock speed , it still gets stuck at 4.7ghz , even messing with the turbo ratios doesn't work , only thing that works is adjusting the core voltage. I did some googling and apparently H series motherboards are NOT able to overclock?? I'd like to know if this is true ? The seller who sold me this knew I was going to overclock and told me this board is able to... But now it seems hopeless