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  1. I probably wipe my OS every 3 months because of something stupid I did or because I want to start new. But then I go into add optional windows features and add things that I think screw it up so this time I won't do that. For example, should I just uninstall the hypervisor platform I added?
  2. HP Omen. Sorry about that. Water cooled I think. I had it sent it for problems stuttering and they changed out some of the parts and they told me on the phone they would stress the system to test it What computer manufacturer do you think is good?
  3. so I will get these random blue screens that come about even when I am utilizing very low percentage of what my computer is capable of so i know it's not overheating. It's usually represented with the code HYPERVISOR ERROR or SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION occasionally. I have 64 bit windows 10 pro with core i9-9900k 32GB 2122MHz RAM RTX 2080 TI 1TB SSD 8TB HDD. I don't know the wattage of the power supply. My BIOS is up to date. Furthermore, this computer just got back from HP repair center and "extensive testing" i have my dump files on google drive but it looks like I am able to attach files directly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12YdknXwYwJPBhOkix5Gwy9v3VX595uhF/view?usp=sharing SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  4. I have a samsung laptop with 16GB ram and a core i7. i bought it two years ago about last night i was unsuccessful in locating the audio jack in the dark and accidentally plugged in the headphone cable from my desktop speakers into a live USB port on my laptop now my computer won't POST but it will turn itself on and then back off like I short circuited the whole thing power cable is firmly plugged in and there is an active light on the charging brick that shows it's working Do I have any hope for this computer? Is it something I can fix myself at home? i hope i provided enough details. will add more if questions come up.