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  1. i got a new list of parts
  2. and i have a console I want to get into pc gaming do you recommend a psu?
  3. and i am going to try and get 16 GB of ram
  4. what counts as a good psu?
  5. Budget (including currency): $600 Country: USA Games, programs, or workloads that it will be used for Payday2 Minecraft Cs go Tf2 and GTA V Other details: I don't need anything like mice for heads and monitor I may need Windows. And streaming 1080p @ 60fps would be best this is my Parts list, this is what I am getting but I need two things a 500gb or 1 TB SSD and a good Graphics Card and maybe 16 GB of ram I Don't know what to get could you link me them with under my budget!