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  1. I have a prebuilt PC, an Inspiron 5680. I want to upgrade my OS drive because it's always low on storage space. I read somewhere that my Windows license is stuck to the motherboard. I was wondering if that will impact me in anyway before I move on with buying what I want.
  2. Thanks guys appreciate the advice. I'll wait for what's coming out.
  3. I have Dell Inspiron 5680 pre-built from Costco. I thought it would be more cost effective to buy a pre-built and continue to replace parts as time goes by. I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card to a GeForce RTX 2060. I know that my i7-8700 @ 3.2GHz is compatible but should I look into upgrading that as well and other parts. I'm currently saving money right now and I plan to buy the stuff closer to the holidays. I appreciate any help I can get. Also I didn't know if this was the appropriate sub-category to post my question. Or are there other GPUs you would recommend that are compatible with a CPU like mine? Thanks!
  4. on average download is about 70-100mbps, ping is around the 20ms range
  5. I appreciate the help guys. I'm just looking for way to get a faster internet connection so I can download huge video game files. I have wifi but since I found this I thought it would be worth a shot to check what my options are.
  6. These are the cable behind the faceplate
  7. Moved some old furniture in my room to make room my new desk. Found this old phone jack that was hiding behind it. My parent's house is about 35-38 years old, just for reference. I was wondering if I can just straight connect an ethernet cable to the plug to my computer. Or do I need other peripherals? The main router and modem of the internet is downstairs with my dad's computer, if that information needs to be relevent.