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  1. I'm now trying to reset windows after being unable to install any drivers or detect headphones , usb drivers or external HDD or graphics card Refer back to my previous posts about my problem if you want in depth of what's been happening Here is what error I had after I attempted to reset windows :
  2. It is failing to reset... I currently chose the "delete all personal files"option
  3. Just quoting you remind you, didn't get any answer other than yours
  4. Nope, it confused me too but there's no other way of putting it on, the case's stands are down there and they're unremovable
  5. I know this might be spam but I really need help immediately before taking action like reinstalling windows Here are my two previous posts describing everything
  6. it works tho, fans spin, it's used as my display port , here's what I see in bios and extra
  7. Now before you say you have a dead card I do not, it was working before I ever touched the case, after having this issue here : in the photos provided in my previous post 2 days ago, you can see that the device manager stopped detecting my graphics card after my issue with installing drivers I am going to perform a windows restart later this day and it's weird that even bios doesn't detect my gpu Question1: will this windows reset probably solve both my driver issue and let windows detect my graphics card ? Question2: will making a backup back up my game save files cuz those are the only irreplaceable things, and I can't seem to find every game's save file directory Question3: if this problem persists after I have restarted windows , what solution is there left ? Peripherals : Z97X gaming 5 motherboard Gtx 1050ti Rog strix 8gb ddr3 single stick of ram I7 4770
  8. A complete reinstall using a usb or a repair using the reset feature ?
  9. After I bought a new headset (a V5000 headset 7.1 surround sound) it wouldn't work on my pc, I tried it on other pcs and it works normally , just plug and play without the need to do anything, in my pc it's not so simple, there's simply no audio My first step was to Google a driver for the headset, there was none, after that I attempted to update audio drivers, Nvidia HD audio and realtek, using Device manager to do so gave me errors , the inability to update from there caused me to download the drivers manually, the drivers also gave off errors and wouldn't install, also caused realtek and gtx 1050ti to disappear from device manager and made my other headphones not working , trying to update windows as a whole also proved useless as it also gives me errors as seen in the pictures , I'm now using a pc that dosent recognise audio, graphics card , and a slightly weird display as it was also "corrupted" , I also cannot reinstall windows and lose my data in the process as the pc is being used extensively for school work and I cannot find an entire day to reinstall everything Here's a list of solutions I already tried : 1_update using device manager , dosent update using any options, even when doing legacy hardware , it fails to install 2_look at your headset device ID, it dosent show any ID at all, it says unknown in all parameters 3_windows update won't update 4_running SFC/scannow says it found corrupted files but it dosent fix anything, neither does DSIM or other CMD related fixed I found 5_uninstalling drivers completely then reinstalling, they fail at installing 6_reinstall windows, i need software on it on the daily and can't afford to not have it for a day Important pc specs : Windows version : 1904 i7 4770 gtx 1050ti Rog strix