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    Asrock H110 Pro BTC+
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    8GB Crucial Ballistix x2
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    Core-i5 6500 Skylake
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    DarkFlash Water Square 5
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    HDD ng pogi
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    Philips 23.4Inch
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    Windows 10 64Bit (Activated)
  1. I'm going to shift to AMD Processor if there is no other way around to overclock the RAM sir, since my board is intended for mining only not some semi gaming rig.. well if i bought Asus's TUF B450 what would be the best Ryzen for this, or i may search on its official website,CPU Support sir? I want somethinh around 500$ ~ 800$ for the Motherboard and Processor
  2. I read the whole Motherboard manual, i can't find any thing related to XMP, then this motherboard doesn't support any overclocking, please if you don't mind guys, help me to find motherboard that suite to my Memory (RAM), getting CPU to the motherboard won't be a problem i guess when i ask the merchant, however best recommendations and done testing will probably helpful. Thank you,
  3. yes it was, well that was when i didn't knew a thing about motherboard until such i undergo some IT Workshops and training and the worse began when I tried to overclock my PC. well at the moment I'm using Core-i5 6500 Skylake 65W
  4. what motherboard should i buy sir? that can be overclock and associated to my current processor and RAM.. or does the compatibility of the three make it work? please give me clue or answer.. thank you
  5. Well thanks for the straightforward answer sir, okay no problem, as long as i have time, I'm going to nearest merchant and purchased. + Ryzen 5 that support it, still need to ask a better person than i am. it is better to ask than act to knew anything i suppose
  6. but still, can i play FPS game with this? well, my memory and processor will go to waste this time around cuz i'm going to upgrade into Auros 450 and Ryzen5.
  7. so it is a bit waste in purchasing this RAM's, i can't use its full potential, well however i have plan in upgrading my motherboard + intel processor into , Auros450 and Ryzen 5.
  8. Hello Guys, I'm hoping, someone could teach me how to enable XMP/DRAM Configuration or to overclock my newly installed RAM which is BL2K8G32C16U4WL. I just bought this 8GB x2 Crucial Ballistx Memory and it seems that it does not using its max speed which is 3200Mhz, when i tried to go to BIOS Settings searching for these so called "XMP" i can't find anywhere, does this mean my motherboard didn't support the said memory or there is any other way or do i have to change my motherboard please do advise, i upload some of the photo for everyone to understand the current issue. Part Number: BL2K8G32C16U4WL Motherboard Support: RAM RAM Test via Task Manager: PC Preview: Thank you.