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  1. For example, here's two identical cards. But since it's from Aussie, along with the shipping fee it's pretty much the same price as a new one that I can buy and have in my hands without waiting for shipping.
  2. No it's not that, I'm in Japan and a lot of the 2nd hand cards are practically the same price as new. Also there's the language barrier, I'm not incapable of speaking Japanese but I'd like to avoid complicated conversations if possible.
  3. Gotcha, it's actually a bit hard for me to get a 2nd hand card here for various reasons. Do you have any good suggestions for me to use in-between and maybe as a future hackintosh card if I had to get it brand new in the case I can't get my card repaired?
  4. Yeah, I realize that. However it doesn't work for my use case, the way a normal easy to use VM reports the GPU to osx makes it seem that it is using integrated graphics. xCode still works, but if you ever try to use the scene manager or whatever they call it tab where you can visually fiddle with the layout, it will crash. The cause being the GPU not being detected or something. And since the whole point I am even VMing a mac machine is so I can dev using xCode, it defeats the purpose. This is the I video I think I was referencing: This would seem like it would work for me since it seems to actually pass a GPU through.
  5. That is actually a pretty good suggestion and I completely overlooked the driver support issue, thanks. But just a quick question, LTT did a hackintosh setup guide a while back and they used a nVidia card for it, the reason I would use the mac os is actually for iOS app development. I know that during normal emulation, xCode would crash because it doesn't communicate with the GPU correctly, would that also be the case for the way LTT did it in their setup?
  6. Yes, it starts now that I pulled the GPU out. Aside from the laggy integrated graphics, it functions properly.
  7. My cpu does have integrated graphics but I'd like to play games and work does require me to have a somewhat decent GPU. I'm leaning towards getting a cheap GPU like a 1660 or 2060, it would be a nice back up in the future but I'm stuck on what I should get if I do decide to do it. I might also have to dual boot a hackintosh for work in the future so having a 2nd GPU is not something terrible to have.
  8. I don't fully remember the full spec, I'll give you what I know. It's a Intel i7-8700 Asus z390 prime-a 32GB corsair ram 8*4 (I don't remember the model sorry) 2*256GB SSD The PSU is a Gold Rated EVGA supernova 650+.
  9. My GPU (Asus rog strix RTX 2070) exploded and caught on fire just now. The timing is extremely unfortunate as well, I didn't really feel the need to replace my GPU and I had hoped to skip this generation so I am a bit upset. While I'd like to know exactly why it happened, I think my bigger problem is with replacing it. It makes no sense to buy a 2000 series card to replace it seeing as the 3000 series, the 3070 in particular, is probably the same price if not cheaper. But it's not out yet and considering the recent shenanigans, I'm probably not gonna get a hold of one even when it's released. What should I do? While it'll hurt me a bit, I don't mind getting the 3080 but is it still out of stock? The 2nd hand market where I live doesn't seem much cheaper than just going out there and buying a new one. If anyone could figure out what happened that would be very helpful as well, here's a recap of the events. I was playing Halo ODST when my PC suddenly hard shut down. I checked my power cord to see if it became loose but everything was fine, the little light on the network cable port proved that it was still powered properly. I tried to turn the power back on but it refused to boot so I unplugged everything and tried again, no boot. Then I noticed that during boot, the GPU RGB flashed for a brief instant so I tried pulling it out and tried to power it on, the computer booted. I turn it back off and plugged the GPU back in and when I powered on, something inside the GPU exploded and fire started bursting out. I panicked and hit the switch on the PSU and pulled the GPU out and inspected it to see what had caused the fire. I tried to take it apart to get a better look but then realized I didn't know how exactly the heat spreader is mounted on the card and so gave up, I do want to see if I can send it in for repairs so I don't really want to risk voiding anything. I took a picture of where the fire seemed to have come from and you can sort of see where some blown/burned resistors and whatnot are.