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  1. Oh and while you're trying to figure out a good motherboard. Can you please try to find one with two DDR3 ram slots? Because I have 2 DDR3 ram sticks, and I don't want to pay for new ram.
  2. Oh okay. Do you know any good motherboards that would fit what I am looking for? For under 150$? Because I'm not trying to spend 200+ on a motherboard.
  3. True. But I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on the processor. I'd say under 300$ so I'm going with the ryzen 7 3700k. But do you think I should get a new monitor to play a 4k with the 3080? Because at the moment I have a 1080p 60hz monitor.
  4. I see. I am okay on ram though. I have 16 GB at the moment. And all I am upgrading is the power supply, processor, and gpu.
  5. Hm I don't want a new motherboard though. Do you think a AMD ryzen 7 3700k will be okay with my current motherboard?
  6. Thanks dude. What else do you think I have to check? Because the cpu I'm probably getting the i7 10700k and power supply probably a 800 watt power supply.
  7. Hey guys! So I have this type of motherboard dell 42p49 optiplex 3010 And I am looking forward to getting a job and buying the rtx 3080. I bought this bad motherboard from this youtuber named toastybros. But anyways I was wondering can my motherboard handle the rtx 3080? I know you just need any motherboard with pcie x16 slot so it can run the 3080. But I'm not sure if I have the pcie x 16 slot and I was wondering can you guys just let me know if my motherboard can handle it or not because I personally know nothing about PCs. If it cannot handle it can you guys recommend me a cheap motherboard that can handle the rtx 3080 then? Thanks for reading this! Hope you guys can help me. Take care of yourself and stay safe!!