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  1. Yeah, but the correct place for the radiator is supposed to be above the pump because of cavitation ... I can't put 140mm fans on top because they find the memory, that's why I said that I am "forced" to change the box. How is the Lian li galahad 360?
  2. That means that I would have to change case to put a 360 aio on top and secure ..
  3. After 1 hour of testing with aida64, these are the results: - the pump has been running between 2116 - 2135 rpm. - I have not appreciated pump sound hasn't changed. - About 92º C on average, max temp 99º C - cpu throttling (cores 2 and 4) 8%
  4. I had not noticed that connector, I connected it by habit in cpu_fan, but I have disconnected it and connected it in the bump ones. In the msi registers it appears running in iddle at about 500-600rpm, and in load (cinebench r20 for this example) between 1100 and 1123 rpm reaching 94º C. I have noticed that the sound may be from the pump instead of the fans, but it is the sound it has always made when it is put to work at full capacity.
  5. The noise is from the fans, they are like a nuclear reactor I have never removed the side because are supposed to "break" (don't know how to say) the airflow and it is worse ... Regarding the pump, I have to trust the programs, I don't know how to check that it works at the proper speed if not.
  6. The heatsink is in "smart" mode so that when it is not necessary it is not making a hell of noise, but from 80º C it is set to 100%. The pump is tight as much as possible without force. And a pic of the system https://imgur.com/a/pmc0eiE
  7. 2 years, but I have not observed loss of performance with the previous cpu and it does not make any kind of noise because the pump has air. I don't know what do you mean with “mounting pressure”.
  8. Hi, I need some help with this (and sorry for my English). i have a i9 10850k cooled with a 240mm liquidmaster master cooler placed the radiator on top. At rear thermaltake riig 120mm fan, in the front another thermaltake riig 120mm and 2 noctua NF-A12x15 that necessarily have to be slim because otherwise they will not fit with the msi 2080 super gaming x trio. At first the i9 maintains acceptable temperatures, for example playing warzone, it is around 65º C, but if you do a stress test or benchmark, it is 98º C. I would like to improve these temperatures as much as possible, and the truth is that I do not find more options, and I don't know if there is something that escapes me. Thank you!!.