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  1. Thanks for the reply, I really liked the DLSS gizmo on the RTX series, if Big Navi has a counterpart feature, I'd love to consider that. I have a symphaty for AMD lately, I really like my new 3800XT and AMD pricing more. Btw, waiting for really long is not a great option for me too, I foresee the USD currencies to increase around 20% in incoming 6 months so, too late is no good for me either, that's why I couldn't wait for a new Zen from AMD, yet I still keep my cash as USD to adjust to pricing but any extra taxation and it will be far off the budget. Yet I needed a new PC anyway as old one failed so I bought a new one lately.
  2. Hi fellow people of LTT, I just got an upgrade from my i7 2600, H67-M Pro MoBo, and 8 gigs of DDR3 with GTX770 2GB as it constantly and randomly failed with no display whatsoever, especially after plug ins and outs. I diagnosed the problem to be on MoBo, RAMs initially. After I got a new case, MoBo and RAM, It turns out I was wrong, despite I tried my GPU on other setups and it magically worked again but randomly stopped after enough testing, which initially made me thought of a PSU failure. So I ended up with a completely new rig with Ryzen 7 3800XT, Ripjaws 16Gx2 3600MhZ memory and MSI B550 Bazooka MoBo with NvME and all that sweet stuff. However, as I was planning to keep the GTX770 GPU for a while, I needed a new one and bouhght an 1660 Super as there was no stock for 3080s and I urgently needed a GPU. Which cost me a full months salary. Before I ask, you gotta consider the whole setup cost me around 5 months of salary inc. new GPU. It is decent enough, do you think it would be a bottleneck and I should buy the RTX3070/3080? Is it worth? I wanna be able to play at 1080p, at least solid 60 FPS band for around 7-9 years and have decent performance in After Effects, Cubase etc. I have a Corsair CX750 PSU for 8 years now, what do you think? Will it be enough for the RTX3080 or should I upgrade? Consider again, It's gonna take 3 months worth of salary. Should I wait for the Big Navi or any other RTX4000 or whatever series as I'm happy with my 1660S for now? Also I'm open to any other suggestions for other hardware such as MoBo. Thank you so much. Edit: oooops, sorry for the wrong category, may you please move this to planning? I don't wanna clutter with another post.