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  1. No power on button? I would like to see a standard issues case with this stuff, power on / off / restart on the top and fan control where you would expect it, I got a Silent Base 600 from Be Quiet, so yeah To put this on my case I would have to cut up the plastic on top and remove the buttons that are on it, modifying it completely to fit a touche panel on the top of my pc, also ruining the panel I buy in a realistic view... EDIT #1 : I would also have to recode the touche panel to do what I want it to do, which is quiet alot of work for one guy. Even worse, I do not know how to code circuits at all, so there is that
  2. I have had this idea since Robert Space Industries made a desktop station with this built-in computer case, this idea has been with me for a year now, and I wish it became a thing.... Computer buttons are starting to become super boring, I have seen people have keys to turn on their pc's but, why stop there? Why not just use a nuclear reactor control board to start a computer at that point... But no, I wanna see something better, something stylish, a touch panel for on and off with restart and fan speeds..... This would make for a good idea in general, just wondering why no one wants this? I want it, sadly I cannot find a single company that could do this.... since no one has responded back to me with this type of idea.... so yeah, just wanted to share this with Linus, hopefully you will catch on to this and make a video about it, because this is a super interesting thing, which could also make touch screens more used on a daily basis, not that touch screens are used on a daily basis, I mean smart phones has it, but smart phones are not that great, pc is where it's at :D