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  1. well 10th is not available in my country until january. So you suggest to just get a like a 250gb ssd for the os? I dont know the 4 Tb cost about 80 CHF and the 8 Tb is like 220 CHF. So it seems like a good deal here. yes I use Plex. But I also will want to stream my own data, Since I have to travel a lot. I don't need the cheapest but I don't want to leave money on the table either.
  2. I will use freeNas. I need it for my video Library. not sure on the transcodeing. 10th? the 4 Tb is almost half the price per gb compared to the 8Tb and 16Tb
  3. I'm trying to build a Nas for video streaming on multible devices. I'm however no specialist and I'm not sure on my component selection. case: silverstone gd08 cpu: i3 9100 mb: asrock B365m pro4 power supply: Be quiet 600w Ram: corsair vengance 2x8gb boot drive: WD black 750 Gaming m.2 250gb hard drive: seagate iron wolf 4 tb x4 Thanks for your advice!!