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  1. It's not my favourite solution again, but sadly, my girlfriend has the computer and she lives too far to conveniently go there and do that. So my only solution for her now is using an external source. But thank you for all those things to do, I will do it as soon as I can!
  2. Yeah, I'm not using the laptop at the moment, so I can't do that, but I will do it as soon as I have it back. My only option for now is using an external fan and hope it improves.
  3. After you asked me, I realized that I had a problem like this a couple of years ago and after using an external fan (one of those for a hot summer) and most of the problems like the temperature and performance improved. My bad I didn't think of it! You are most probably right. I will give it a try, thank you! That's what I think. Thank you for your help!
  4. It reaches to about 85º. Yeah, the usage drops from about 90% to almost none when I close the game (the GTX1050). I will try to do some more tests, anyways.
  5. Hello there! My specs: Laptop: Medion Erazer P6689-MD61019 GPU: GTX 1050 4Gb GDDR5 - Drivers: 456.55 (latest as of today) CPU: i5 8250u - Drivers: Latest (I used intel driver utilty and no new drivers were found as of today) RAM: Single 8GB DDR4 Resolution: 1920x1080 OS: Windows 10 2004 MSI Afterburner: Latest as of today Okay, now with all that info out, this is my probl When I run MSI Afterburner, I get that my GTX 1050 is at 139Mhz, and after running a game like Genshin Impact, at the beginning of the run (for like half a second or so), it increases to 6xxMhz and even to about the max, 1455Mhz, but after that, it goes down to 139Mhz and sits there without moving, but the card is at about 90% of usage. I thought it would be the game, so I tried with Among Us (2020.9.9) and its the same, for about half a second the speed increases and then goes to 139 to sit still. My card is not overclocked (or at least I didn't do it), the laptop has about 2 and a half years of usage, but I didn't use it for heavy gaming, basically to play League of Legends at minimum. The nVidia control panel global setting is set to performance. I have everything updated up to today. My laptop's battery preference is set to "High performance". Also, I think that the CPU will bottleneck the GPU for Genshin Impact, but still I don't understand the fact that the speed is set to 139Mhz. I made a test with the lowest possible settings at maximum resolution (1920x1080) and the game had an average of 15FPS, then I reduced it to Window screen 1280x720 and the FPS increased to about an average of 21. Lastly, my laptop was formatted not to long ago, if that helps. Thank you very much!