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  1. Oh boyyyy, you have really been helpful man , thanks a lot and sorry for vexing you
  2. Oh so the actual performance will be capped hmmmmm
  3. To what extent , like a 20-30 fps drop or a 5-10 fps drop ? Sorry if i am annoying you as i am a newbie
  4. Okk thanks a lot, so you mean no 60 + fps ?
  5. I want to make a decision between GTX 1660 Super and RTX 2060 . I have a weak system, one with i5 7400 :(. I am gonna get a BX500 240 GB ssd for the os and 2 8gb ddr4 ram sticks along with a corsair spec 05, and a corsair cx 650m or 550 depending on the gpu .... I asked a question earlier where people replied that your 60 hz monitor aint gonna cut it ......I am gonna game and need 60 + fps on all games except cpu intensive games on which a solid 30 will be fine, i am not gonna use ray tracing at all so take that in mind.....Should i really drop my wish of gaming as i am maxing out on budget with all these components or can i game ?
  6. And that is more than enough for me..
  7. What about this one ? Is this a Tier B ?
  8. I'll check them out and yeah the pricing in our country suxx
  9. Amazon,Corsair CX550 lists at nearly 30k INR,considering that 1USD = 73.44 INR, That is nearly a whopping 404 dollars and I ain't going for a psu that costs me more than my gpu
  10. Now the recommended psu I am getting is Corsair CX550 which is very expensive in India (like 30k) and it is unavailable as well My wattage is 394 watts, now if i use a CV650 , will that be ok ?
  11. Thanks so much, you cleared a lot of things If you can link a non-fake ps calculator website, i'll be grateful ....
  12. I already checked that list and I can't find any tier B psu from that list on any website and the corsair cx series is too expensive in india sadly..