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  1. thanks guys, appreciate the imput
  2. Hey guys, would like some advice. being new to building and shopping for a Gaming PC, I chose to start building a few weeks ago. for my gpu, I decidedon an asus RTX 2070. Little did I know, the 3000 series was being and has been mostly released aside from the 3070. Unfortunately, because I purchased off of neweeg, I cannot return my graphics card.I definitely learned some hard lessons for sure, like checking to see for upcoming hardware releases regarding GPU's, buying off newegg, but most of all just doing my research thoroughly . Given the situation, I kinda still wanna get a 3070 for my build,what would your advice be? I was told I could try and sell my GTX 2070 super and use the money to get the 3070 on release, but id love to hear some helpful community thoughts for a newby.