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  1. So that means as soon as I get a 3rd Gen Ryzen, the Gen4 SSD will run at its highest rated speed when possible? Interesting, I guess reddit was wrong lmao. They said that it works like RAM modules where it would run at the lowest rated speed.
  2. Hello everyone! I just joined here to ask a question that nobody has an answer to apparently :') So I recently bought a Sabrent Rocket 4 Gen 4 ssd and I already have a Samsung 960 EVO Gen 3 Nvme ssd. My motherboard is Asus TUF x570 Gaming Plus. Basically my question is: If I install both of them together assuming I have a Ryzen 3700x installed or so. Do I get each speed respectively or do I get the lowest out of both (Like RAM modules)? If I can get their actual speeds, do I have to change something in the bios? I recently saw LTT's new video titled "My CRINGIEST PC Build EVER" and they installed a Gen 4 and Gen 3 SSD, could that be a simple mistake where they're gonna run on the lowest speed (GEN3) or do they actually run on different speeds? Thank you in advance!